Ledger Article – First Friday Lakeland AFTERSCHOOL programs

Downtown lakeland afterschool programs

Polk News – The Ledger – Sunday, August 5, 2012  www.theledger.com

lakeland afterschool programs

THE RAIN DID NOT KEEP THE REVELRY OUT OF FIRST FRIDAY in downtown lakeland on Friday evening. Above, children from Lakeland Wing Chun Kung Fu demonstrate kung fu techniques during the monthly event that featured a Back to School theme and back-to-school booths.

Downtown lakeland afterschool programs

With so many different afterschool programs in lakeland it is amazing to see that the Wing Chun Kung Fu school by Sifu Och was featured for their demonstration of Wing Chun Kung Fu kids.  Even in the rain they trained hard.  Showing kids self defense combinations using Wing Chun Kung Fu, No-Gi Jiujitsu, Boxing combinations using focus mitts, Staff (pole) weapon training, Forms such as the full Sil Nim Tau (Siu Nim Tao) first form and much, much more.

RICK RUNION | The Ledger

Children from Lakeland Wing Chun Kung Fu demonstrate Kung Fu technique during the  “Back to School”  themed First Friday event, Friday, July 3, 2012 in downtown Lakeland, Florida. The monthly event included live music, school themed booths, Ku Fu demonstration and the Classy Car Show. The next First Friday event will be September 7, 2012 with the theme “Dog Days of Summer”.

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