10 Reasons refuse training at Sifu Och Wing Chun Kung Fu

10 Reasons refuse training at Sifu Och Wing Chun Kung Fu

There are the following 10 reasons refuse training at Sifu Och Chun Kung Fu

1. 10 Reasons refuse training at Sifu Och Wing Chun Kung FuNo Trial, No Money!  They actually make you do a trial of the wing chun, martial arts, the bootcamp camp classes before they will take your money.  Just having money in hand or a credit card doesn’t get you enrolled here.  You have to show the instructors, students and school that you really have a willingness and ability to train and want results.  Who wants to know what they are going to get into before they put money down?

2. They expect you to be an adult and not whine! Excuses, complaints, and people who aren’t disciplined enough to see and strive towards success are driven from this school like a plaque.  They don’t except a person crying or having bad attitudes while training, all that is left outside the door.  Do you really want to be in a place where the person next to you is driven and happy to see you there?

3. They Train too hard!  You will lose weight, sweat and have to really apply yourself.  The classes move fast and before you know it you will be done.  If you just do the motions they will get with you one on one and help you. They don’t want slackers, they actually want people who push themselves and want results. Who wants someone to care enough to want you to progress?

4. The training is too honest!  If you are not doing a technique correctly they let you know and what you to get it down so you can use it. They don’t give you a belt because you paid for it, they make you work and show that what you are doing has ability behind it. They hold you accountable for your own success.  Who wants a school that doesn’t just give belts away and makes you work for what you earn?

5. They Assist and Instruct you!  They won’t just let you punch or kick a bag and feel good about yourself for learning nothing.  They want you developing great self defense skills and improving your physical and mental health at the same time.  You will have to put the effort in to get stronger, faster and better with each class.  Who wants to have to put in hard work and time to gain a useable skill that makes you stronger and healthier?

6. No trophies, No Fancy movements!  There are no trophies, awards, flowery or fancy movements, they don’t teach you to run across the room and jump in the air or do big movements that have no purpose.  They actually make you learn defense against real life street scenario’s and tactics to get out of some really bad situations.   They teach you honest reality self defense against resistance.  Who wants to train at a martial art school that makes you prove something works before you get on the street to see if it could?

7. They teach modern and traditional martial arts!  They expose you to the culture and stress relieving techniques that have been practiced and proven for thousands of years.  They give you an outlet for you to finally do something for yourself.  They teach you a reality based self defense system that they expect you to master because it could save your life or someone you love one day.  Who wants someone teaching you that wants the safety and health of you and those you love uplifted and better protected?

8. Always something new!  They have come up with a system where no two days or workouts are alike. Sure they have a great curriculum that progressively assists you to constantly achieve. They also teach and re-teach you the skills you need to gain a real understanding.  But there workouts are time based so any one can do them and have fun.  Who wants to work on body weight training, muscle confusion and time so everyone, even those with past injuries can gain great and fast results while never getting bored?

9. They expect training, hardwork, results and progress. They actually want you to push yourself in each class. Wait, they actually want you coming to classes and maintaining what you have achieved and overcome obstacles holding you back.  They expect you to be part of the school and come and train.  They want you to achieve more than what you may have thought possible within yourself.  Who wants the kind of stress that comes with constantly growing, improving and actually having to come to class?

10. Too much money.  They charge you just enough to actually pay the bills and make you feel like you should show up and train.  They honestly think that if they have expert instruction and teachers, a fully equipped training facility and instructors who have trained in close quarter combat and self defense willing and ready to teach you in a positive environment that this would be a value to its members.  Who wants to pay for a professional self defense studio with well versed experts and encouraging people ready to get you results?

10 Reasons refuse training at Sifu Och Wing Chun Kung Fu

(honestly we don’t want you to come, not unless your driven and want to succeed)

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