Chang Quan Long Fist Kung Fu Weapons

Chang Quan Long Fist Kung Fu Weapons

I have included a brief description of long fist’s various weapons found and taught within Chang Quan Long Fist Kung Fu. This northern system of chang quan long fist kung fu is quite different then its southern shaolin kung fu brother Wing Chun kung fu.  Here is a amazing review of the weapons Chang Quan Long Fist Kung Fu offers under the instruction of a High ranking Master and Grandmasters in the system.  Remember that these weapons were used and created for war and though there descriptions may be striking or offsetting in nature there modern training is for the development and empowerment of the practitioner. The modern training and use of these weapons is to increase the strength, flexibility and balance of the student while learning and keeping a ancient form of Kung Fu information and tradition alive. Learning and training can be fun and adventurous as this kind of information is rarely taught and is exciting to learn.

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Long Fist Weapons

Double Sword (Shuang Jian) – Better know as today as a Tai Chi or Wushu sword. Many double sword shuang jian long fist are not used for combat anymore and are instead used in the meditative and flowing forms of Tai Chi and Wushu.

Long Staff (Gun Shu) – a universal weapon that can be picked up in a alley or in the woods, this weapon is usually tapered (thicker at one end and thinner at the tip or attacking end). This type of long fist weapon has a huge range of modern and traditional uses.

Spear (Qiang Shu) – A strong and flexible weapon made of impact absorbing wax wood this weapon includes tassels that distract and blur the motions and motives of the long fist spear’s intended targets while in full combat. Besides strength and endurance conditioning the spear is an amazing and fast paced weapon.

Straight Sword (Jian Shu) or Double Broadsword (Shuang Dao) – Dao long fist blades have a slight curved and single sided edge creating an effective sword that can thrust and cut from many angles. It is known as one of the four major weapons of China along with the gun (staff), qiang (spear), and the jian (sword). The Broadsword is a versatile weapon and conditioning tool that has many uses and applications in the modern world and has even been used to improve professionals in baseball and fencing.

Hook Sword – reliable information is hard to come by but this sword is also known as qian kun ri yue dao translated as “Heavenly Sun and Moon Sword”. This long fist sword has also been called the tiger hook sword as it has hooks and guards that are used to trap and/or deflect opponent’s weapons and is often seen in pair’s

Pudao – also known as “podao” this chinese weapon was known as the long fist horse-cutter sword, used to slice the legs of a horse and dismount its rider in a violent manner during the course of war on the battlefield. Shaped like a broadsword but around four to six feet long and originally created as a edged weapon for infantry.

Chain/Nine Section Whip (Bian Shu) – is a nine section steel whip with a handle and sharpened end, it is known for its fluidity, wrapping capabilities around the long fist practitioner’s body parts as well as its flexible and effective uses as a hidden weapon that can strike and move around obstacles and hard to reach opponent’s. A chained weapon that can spin, whip, scar, slash and flow perfectly in balance with a master practitioner’s movements.

Three sectional staff (San Jie Gun) – also known as a “coiling dragon staff” or “pan long gun” this three sectional staff is connected by rope or metal rings and can be spun with or around the long fist practitioner to create powerful strikes at a multitude of differential angles that create a elusive and deceptive method of offensive and defensive attacking strategies.

Meteor Hammer – has two weights connected by a rope or chain, also known as the flying hammer, dragon’s fist or liu xing chui, dai chui. This long fist weapons design made it easily concealable as its flexible design allowed for surprise attack or quick emergency defense

Umbrella – After long fist weapon training was banned by the Chinese Government, the Unbrella was used as a secret and effective way of training sword, staff, stick, or pole techniques. Training with an umbrella can typically be translated easily to swords, clubs, shinai, stick fighting, or other forms of combative weapons.

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