Finding the Best Wing Chun School in Lakeland (or Anywhere)

Refining applications, training powerful reactions , Wing Chun schools and instruction differs depending on where you study and train. In general, Wing Chun doesn’t emphasis elegance, points, or sports-oriented mentalities—its only interest is using the most highly effective and proficient techniques. At its core, the style is almost simplistic—but at the same time devastating. What it all boils down to, however, is that your understanding and ability are based off your teacher’s ability.  If they have it, and they can teach it, you can learn it.

best wing chun school in the usa
Your instructor’s limitations will be yours.
The best Wing Chun school in your area is the one with the best instructor.

Until the invention of Internet videos, it was impossible to compare your instruction and time spent with those offered in other schools. In short, most students were ultimately unsure of whether they were getting the real thing. Unfortunately, many have overlooked Wing Chun simply because there have been a lot of so-called instructors teaching and spreading low-level understandings of Wing Chun. To learn Wing Chun you need more than just an instructor with a fancy title and decorative certificates on a wall. I’ve heard too often about students who have studied under martial arts instructors and have been lead on for over a decade being told that, eventually, one day, they will be allowed to learn ALL of the REAL information…if they just stick around.

These same students have come into our studio and, in one afternoon, seen and done more effective techniques than they accomplished in a decade. At Sifu Och Wing Chun we deny no questions and play no tricks—we just teach survival.

Wing Chun doesn’t ask to be accepted. By its demonstrations of speed, power, versatility, and sheer effectiveness, it leaves the student to draw his own conclusions.

Real-World Practice and Reaction Training

Fighting can be unpredictable and chaotic unless you have trained to respond accordingly to the movements and actions of your assailant. Wing Chun’s applicable reaction should never be pre-calculated or preconceived. How can you decide how a fight will start or end before it’s begun? You can’t. In the best Wing Chun school you’ll find that you’re not reproducing techniques but rather building a direct response. We do this by teaching students to respond to an opponent’s attack, and we train combinations that teach flowing responses that are continuously interchangeable.

You can’t think faster than an unpredictable attack, but you can train to react appropriately in a way that’s extremely effective. Reaction is an innate survival response in every situation, and you can train in various levels, weapons, styles, and degrees of response depending on the situation.

You must train the body to natural respond to any situation even if you have never faced it before. Wrist against wrist, Chi Sau, Don Chi Sau and Bong Lop are all examples of Wing Chun training natural response. Two partners get together with the goal of assisting the other to develop rooting structure, weed out errors and have a constant forward energy without leaning or giving up the centerline.  Since both practitioners are seeking to train the center offense and defense a meeting forward energy is placed and cancels out each other.  By rooting, a Wing Chun practitioner takes the partner’s energy and roots it through the body then this energy is pressed back from the ground through the practitioner and into the partner once again.  By placing and meeting energy a practitioner can feel and calculate the next position of the partner before they reach their destination.  This also means they can diffuse a large portion of the partner’s force as long as proper body structure is maintained (aka don’t lean, stop keeping the arms out from the body, completely relax, or stiffen up and attempt to overpower the partner)

The best wing chun school is the school that has a Wing Chun instructor that expands their knowledge.  A Wing Chun instructor that seeks answers in and outside of their lineage.  A Wing Chun instructor that expands their knowledge within their lineage by asking the hard questions.  A Wing Chun instructor that is willing to fight, spar, and push each aspect of their Wing Chun to find out what is real and what is theory.  A Wing Chun instructor that will place the students development at its peak.

The Best Wing Chun school in the U.S.A. is the one that makes you into the warrior you are meant to be, helps you to reach your true potential, the mental focus of a Shaolin Monk and gives you the answers to your questions without leaving doubt in your heart or mind to their effectiveness.   Your confidence and ability should be pushed in this school, technical information and applicable fighting combinations.

The Best Wing Chun school in the USA, you decide by training and researching the schools nearest you.

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