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My name is Justin Cibin, and I love the art of life of Wing Chun.  My interest was sparked some 16 years ago when a few high-school friends and I attended a demonstration of the wooden dummy.  I was amazed with the power and beauty of the art but wasn’t mature enough to actually focus on learning it at that time.  Fast forward to present date, and I’m head over heels, (sometimes literally) in this art.  My first impression after trying it was that it was extremely difficult for me to get a shot in on the other students with my standard brawling style. Then, after tussling with Sifu Och I could tell that I had much to learn and the ability to do it.   With the submission of this paper I’ve dedicated roughly 18 months progressing through white, yellow, orange, and hopefully green sash.  I can’t imagine using anything else to protect myself and loved ones. Wing Chun builds character, strength, and focus.   It demands a mix of extreme attention to bio-mechanics and willingness to push through pain and confusion.  It takes a strong leader with an amazing amount of passion to successfully pass these skills on.  My fist conversation with Sifu Och last about 30 minutes. Being a person of passion, it’s easy for me to pick up on those who have the same trait and let me tell you that you haven’t met a more passionate person. He’ll get the best out of you, and if that’s not your deal, you’ll probably quit.

Wing Chun helped me through my greatest challenge.  Four years ago, my marriage collapsed and was followed by one of the worst and longest court experiences you could ask for ranging from a vindictive ex-wife out for money, and possibly my very own sole.  I had to overcome the obvious and blatant attacks occurring to both my 8 year old son Michael and 6 year old daughter Isabella. For me this wasn’t just an emotional hurdle, but a very real physical attack at times from a once close person. It was like being clubbed down by some mugger in the street for all that I had including your sanity. I tell you this because to gain my bearings I did two things.  First, I found a great church, and second I found Wing Chun. It’s given me new tools to lean on.  It’s all about a strong base, strong structure, relaxation, and power at the correct moments.  It’s about humbleness, consideration, respect, and the ability to help defend those who cannot do so for themselves.

justin-cibin-orlando-ip-man-wing-chunOnce you start to apply these sound principles, you simply stop applying the unsound ones that invited the negative behaviours and results. It showed be that it’s necessary to ask questions and then be quiet and humble to learn the lesson. If you don’t seek knowledge it doesn’t come!   There are plenty of obstacles to slow you down in the art. For me it’s about a four hour round trip once or twice a week.  I have a thousand legitimate reasons to quit; two small demanding children, a full time career in the software industry with SAP (third largest software company in the world), a crazy long drive full of bumper to bumper traffic, physical body pain, and monetary constraints.

Wing Chun taught me that quitting equals selling yourself short and if you can tolerate selling yourself short, what’s to stop you for selling your loved one shorts when it counts.  What’s to stop you from letting others sell you short – nothing!  You have to learn how to be your biggest fan, respect yourself, and have faith that Christ will align you to what you’re meant to do. This is the road towards an enriched life, and I am blessed that Wing Chun has its role in my journey.  Today, I can feel the physical changes in my body in terms of having more control and a general sense of being able to protect myself and loved ones because of Wing Chun.

I have lost a ton of weight, improved my life and the drive from deep Orlando has been worth it every time.

I’m not sure why your not down here training but it is never to late to start.

I look forward to seeing you in class

Justin Cibin




I’ve included the schools information and classes below.

Wing Chun Kung Fu    863.800.0171

116 east pine street, lakeland florida 33801

Mid-Day class –  Tuesday and Thursday- 11:30am -12:30 pm (60 min)

Night Bootcamp – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday – 5:45-6:30 pm (45 min)

Night Beginner Fundamentals & Intermediate Wing Chun Self Defense – 6:30-8:00 pm

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday – Wing Chun core – 6:30-7:00, Wing Chun scenario self defense – 7:00-7:30, Combinations and Reaction – 7:00-8pm




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