Building Power in the Martial Arts

building power in the martial arts takes specific training

Building Power in the Martial Arts

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Knockout power –  is built every time you practice for power, speed, precision, endurance, intent and accuracy building power. By making sure that each movement flows into the next and through the assailant.  This constant flow allows a seamless build up versus a retraction or halt of energy returned which would be displaced or dispelled.  Practicing for perfection is not enough, perfection of speed alone will show lack of power, hitting a person with 100 chain punches and without power they will falter.  Power alone without intent or speed will falter as well, you must practice for speed, power, precision, endurance, accuracy and intent.

Building power takes time, but not as much as you might think. It takes dynamic use of body training against resisting objects such as focus mitts, hanging bags, rice bags, wooden dummies, speed bags, free weight and body weight training, muscle confusion and anything that can build the useful striking power behind your blows.

All types of practical strength training – Do pushups, strike a focus mitt 1000 times a day, do whatever you have available to you to build yourself and your ability to survive.  Nothing is sacred when building power as long as it is useable power.  Lifting and Benching 500lbs a few times during a workout will not be as useful to you on the street as taking 50-100lbs and lifting it 30x-50x times.  Punching 10-50 times with a 25lb weight in each hand will not be as useful as two 5-8lb weights and 500-1000 punches.  Power against resistance is the first step.  The next is practicing against a moving target and then with a sparring partner, you can have power but if you can’t land it or if you can’t land it in the right places you have useless power.

Useless power is good to no one for survival.  Work on every aspect of your training.

Chain punches, Snapping uppercuts, double punches, twisting punches, backfists, centerline strikes, palms do all of these to points of exhaustion while moving to maximize yourself.

Building Power in the martial arts in dedication

Building power in the martial arts is all about dedication, hard work, and a bit of a thick head when it comes to pushing past all the excuses and worldly reasons not to.  Remember that voice in the back of your head giving you a million excuses to do something else, yea punch that voice in the face.  You are the boss and you forge yourself and what makes you stronger, you will not give into weakness and weak reasonings.

Chain punching will give you speed and power while at the same time molding and shaping the contours of your arm, deltoids, and varios related muscles and build real mass.  Though to build and gain this you must train and practiced against resistance to find usable strength.  A note on “real mass.” and “usable strength” refers to the acquired muscle mass, strength, speed and definition that is obtained through specific types of exercises and training that can be used in a real situtaion and long lasting even after prolonged periods of unuse.

Importance of Training Order and understanding – There is importance in order of training and types of training.  Such as the importance of learning a double punch in Wing Chun prior to a chain punch.  Sure I could show you chain punching first but a double punch is a quick double strike that forces the elbows to stay in.  Its quick double striking movement creates a forward drive that allows the practitioner to focus in on the power, structure, speed, direction and mistakes within just these two very quick hits.  Understanding this and the corrections as well as the mistakes behind this powerful, quick double movement will help provide a base and understanding behind multiple strikes such as chain punching.

Double punches – two quick and violently sudden attacks typically used against a assailant that is beginning a fight or in quick combination right after a block to cause knockout, trama,  or disorientation.  Lastly the double punch trains the practitioner to move and adjust strikes around an assailant that may block the first attempt.  After the assailant blocks the first strike the double punch teaches the Wing Chun practitioner to allow the first strike to be deflected as the second hits and then takes control.  The second hit comes in hits and then opens up the assailants centerline to more strikes, palms, knees, headbutts, kicks, and follow up combinations of attack.  The Chain punch moves so quickly many people forget how to place knockout power behind each hit and end up just doing fast hand movements with little or no power.  This is not Wing Chun.   Make sure you understand your mistakes, corrections and powerful body mechanics to assure the best results in your training.   Remember proper alignment, proper training of the corrections, and placement all come into building power in the martial arts. Don’t over look the details.

Last words on Building Power in the Martial Arts – Wing Chun is my art of choice but to whatever art you choose I suggest two things… one stay to your art and push yourself to the highest pinnacle.  But train the things that assist other martial arts to build power within their style these same tools will help you become stronger in yours.  A Boxer hits a focus bag, moves against attacking mitts, jumps rope and runs, a Muay Thai fighter kicks a heavy bag, elbows and strikes resistance, a Karate practitioner uses a makiwara board and a Wing Chun stylist uses a wooden dummy and sand bags.  Why limit building power in the martial arts when you can train your style of martial arts against any of these devices.

Everything in life is about practice especially building power in the martial arts.  If you wish to see these benefits you must push past your comfort zones only then will you see the results you’re after.  Varying drills depending on lineage lines, training methods to increase speed, power, endurance, hand eye coordination and reaction time are all based on what one teacher has passed down to another through interaction.

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