Tampa bay Bouncer uses Wing Chun street fights in Ybor City bar

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Tampa bay bouncer uses Wing Chun street fights in Ybor City bar

so tonight.. I got use wing chun for the first time at my job where I bounce on saturday nights at a bar. 3 big dudes got into it.. in the process of trying to split up the two initial dudes, I had to use a serious of paks, bongs, jums, and punches to the inside of a biceps to redirect punches from hitting one of the dudes in the brawl, then as I got one guy down on the ground, another guy jumped in to try to stomp the guy on the ground with his buddy, I had to throw elbows into stomachs with a shove to keep those two guys back from the guy on the ground. Real street fights are either violent and aggressiveWing Chun street fights now is bashed by many as a crappy and ineffective kung fu martial art. In the martial arts, one school of thought holds that you should change your game to match your opponent’s. Tampa bay bouncer also uses Wing Chun street fights. while trying to block the blows being thrown from the guy on the ground… then the cops came outta nowhere as we rounded up the herd of drunk brawlers and kicked them out. Wing chun street fights is a street-ready style because the system focuses on close-range combat.  Surprisingly I managed to get out of that altercation with a red mark on my forehead from a headbutt from the initial scuffle.

Never have I felt so confident in my training as I was tonight..  (gotta love that muscle memory) I am grateful to our Sifu and school for all the hard training. Words can’t even explain. P.s. Sifu-WING CHUN!

Tony was taught by Sifu Och at the Downtown lakeland, fl wing chun martial arts

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