Tampa Wing Chun w/Garret Brumfield

Tampa Wing Chun w/Garret Brumfield

Garret Brumfield is a instructor under Sifu Och his curriculum, student training and experience come from and are certified by Sifu Och Wing Chun.

Thank you Sifu Och for allowing me the opportunity to write on our website’s blog.

Tampa Wing Chun w/Garret Brumfield
under the Sifu Och Wing Chun system

First, I would like to encourage everyone to take part in our sparring classes which I offer every other Saturday here in Lakeland. I firmly believe that learning techniques is important to martial art training but application is vital as well. It’s like having all the knowledge in the world but if you’re not able to apply that knowledge to real life situations or scenarios, then you will be stuck in a rut with just “knowledge”.

Sparring can be very daunting and intimidating but like anything in life, you have to start with the basics that you know and work it over and build upon what you know. In my very first sparring class, I took the basics that my kung fu students knew and slowly built it into a working, effective combo. First we began with tan sao punches and worked that over for at least five minutes. Next, I simply added a turning punch so that now they had to mix their footwork with a simple angle step/turning punch combo. We worked over that combo a few minutes as well while an opponent was throwing punches at them. Lastly, we added a flurry of chain punches to the mix so that now my kung fu students had an effective combo of tan punch/turning punch/chain punch. At the same time I constantly re-enforced that importance of keeping a 50/50 fighting stance, angle step when necessary and pushing off the back leg to increase the punching power.

All of that works into an effective Wing Chun combo. Everything needs a beginning. Our brains are not hot-wired to immediately begin fighting when thrown in a situation. It’s only through constant practice and breaking down sections of combos that we can truly become reactive. Our instincts and muscle memory that we continue to build will react for us when sparring or fighting.

So, please, come on down and join us in Lakeland every 1st & 3rd Saturday Saturday at 9 a.m. in the morning.

116 east pine street, lakeland florida (every 1st and 3rd saturday of the month)

I will be getting there early if anyone would like to run or exercise prior to the start of class. Also, for those who are in Tampa Wing Chun classes, if you are interested, Sifu Och would like to invite you down to his Tampa Wing Chun school. Registration is starting now and I (Garret brumfield) will be his instructor in Tampa for our Tampa Wing Chun school. Classes will begin soon and will be offered twice a week.   So if you are interested you can get on the ground floor of a new beginning and my first line of students.


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