Super Saiyan Effect – martial arts

Super Saiyan Effect – martial arts

Currently I am a 1st level Wing Chun instructor at Sifu Och’s Lakeland Wing Chun. He teaches real-life combat, self-defense as passed on to him directly through the Ip Man lineage.

Super Saiyan – at Sifu Och Wing Chun Martial Arts
“Don’t try this at home”

The Super Saiyan Effect – I can honestly say that I have had the opportunity to experience the Super Saiyan effect, so to speak. My body wasn’t glowing like the cartoon characters in Dragon Ball Z and I have no hair, so my hair didn’t turn bright yellow and there were no streaks of lightning emanating from my body. In this situation, I let my instincts and techniques take over. This is when Wing Chun survivor mode kicked in.

On October 15, a gentleman came to our studio and towards the end of class I had the opportunity to spar, full contact with him. I wasn’t nervous or apprehensive yet I had an air of confidence about myself that was hidden. My opponent was slightly taller than me and he had a clear-cut weight advantage than I did. Super saiyan have many effect of martial arts. On the onset of the fight, I didn’t know what to expect so staying in my 50/50 Wing Chun stance helped me see any attack that would be thrown. As soon as he moved I let loose a barrage of chain punches and elbows towards his face. He had a protective helmet on, but I choose not to wear one. I figured if I got hit in the face, then I deserved it. I still wasn’t 100% sure of what I was doing at the time but I kept my face protected all the while landing punches towards his chest and face areas.

Then the inevitable happened. This is what I have dubbed, the Super Saiyan moment. It’s the point in time where you lose track of what you are doing and instincts immediately take over. Once my opponent knew he couldn’t land any attacks on me, he decided to try to take me to the ground. If you are grabbed, it’s pretty natural for one to try and out- muscle an opponent and honestly, that’s what I felt like doing. Yet at that instance, I lost track of what happened next. That moment was a blur to me but as described by my Sifu, my whole body changed and he said he could tell by my facial expression that a “light” clicked on. I went into Super Saiyan mode. As my opponent grabbed me to take me down, I first made sure my stance was grounded for my protection and then I let loose a flurry of punches towards his face, mixed with elbows, knees towards his stomach and kicks towards his legs, until he let go and backed off. That’s my Super Saiyan mode. It was a rush of pure energy where nothing but Wing Chun attacks came out as each punch, elbow and leg attack hit its mark.

I stayed in this mode for a bit longer and I was totally focused on how I wanted to attack. My opponent did mention during the break in fighting that since I didn’t have a helmet on, he felt compelled not to hit me in the face. I told him that if I got hit in the face then I deserved it. In the next round of sparring, he made the mistake of aiming towards my face, which honestly made me a bit upset. I thought “how dare he throw a punch at my face”. Needless to say, the next 20 to 25 seconds was a complete blur, and after talking to my Sifu and sihings, they said that my opponent was rendered helpless and the only thing keeping him up was the wall.

I share all of this for a reason. There are times that one may get frustrated with their training in Wing Chun. It does take alot of work and effort. Sifu Och makes sure that we have the best available knowledge of real-life combat techniques. We may get frustrated with our training at times as we may not get the flow of combinations that we are taught. But trust me, in time, you all will have a Super Saiyan Wing Chun moment where you let your body react and every Wing Chun combination that you had trouble with will end up protecting you and someone else. I encourage all students to train harder in Sifu Och’s system.

WING CHUN!!!!!!!!

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Disclaimer: There is are no martial art out there that will help you reach Super Saiyan Level. So please don’t be delusional in thinking that you can find it, but as a prize fighting ex-Boxer, Wing Chun comes pretty darn close.

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