Florida Chinese Lion Dance | LION DANCE FLORIDA


Our Florida FLORIDA CHINESE LION DANCE chinese-new-year-lion-danceChinese lion dance team travels all over the state providing authentic fun entertainment for Asian weddings, businesses, corporations, and Chinese New Year celebrations and Chinese New Year Festivals!

Our entertainment usually starts with festive clothing, chinese lion dance music, chinese drum, symbols, and gong with the host providing food, firecrackers, festive clothing and decorations.

Modern Florida Chinese Lion Dance Performance entertainment routines have a flair for fun mixed into the lion dance entertainment and music.  Red Envelopes are provided by the host and are filled with paper money by the host and guests.  This red envelope fed to the lions mouth brings good luck and happiness throughout the year.

The Spring Festival season happens where ever there are Asain descendants that are celebrating their culture.


FLORIDA CHINESE LION DANCE LION DANCE FLORIDAMost hosts provide dinner, and is believed to be one of the most important meals you will eat of the year.  Sitting down and eating together enjoying food as one big family is a big part of the festivities.

From Dragon Dances, Parades, Chinese Lion Dances and even Imperial Performances that simulate the Emperor’s Wedding.  With Asain candy, Chinese snacks, and lunar moon lantern festivals.


florida chinese lion dance performance entertainment sifu och wing chunThis is a festival for the entire family to gather and enjoy the past year and what is to come.  Our Florida Chinese lion dance team is a time to bring families and friends together, to bless the new year with the celebration of family and festivities.

Sifu Justin Och
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