Martial Arts Stress Relief: The many benefits

Martial Arts stress relief: The many benefits

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Martial Arts stress reliefMartial arts stress relief, the aim of the martial arts has always been and continues to be the development, welfare and improvement of the practitioner. There are some martial arts today that dismiss these ideas as out dated and dogmatic, I then ask you; do you feel that your mental development, improvement and welfare is outdated? Do you feel as though the martial arts should only teach, uplift and educate you on just a physical level? Wing Chun was developed to be a martial art of extreme speed, power, control, battlefield intellect and one of the fastest to learn Shaolin Kung Fu systems of its time. It was meant for the physical protection and development of the practitioner, but it is also know as a mental chess game where the mind and body cease and only reaction exists. This being said stress, anxiety, frustration, anger, and emotion need direction, focus,martial arts stress relief and structure to be conquered. Martial arts stress relief have many benefits for your body.

This is an informative article that applies directly to Wing Chun and the the benefits of Wing Chun on your mental health, emotional stress and daily frustration; though these benefits can be quite vast we hope you enjoy reading this article on the martial arts mental benefits on stress of Wing Chun. Martial arts stress relief developed you body and mind.

Cultivation of the mind is just as important in Wing Chun as the physical toughening and dedication it takes to become a master. A master of Wing Chun understands that harmony of the mind and body will make he/she faster, better to react, and well centered. The activities we choose to participate in can lead to a better quality of life, will they build us up physically, mentally or will they build a combination of character, cultivating a new you that is well rounded and full of possibilities and life. Martial arts should be more than just a workout, it should allow you to achieve a mental focus, concentration and relief from the daily stresses of life, family, work, and trauma. Martial arts stress relief is a great form of stress relief. These foundations have been sewn into the very fabric of Wing Chun from its roots in chinese culture, shaolin temple kung fu training and its need for a holistic approach to raise the mind and body to new heights. Martial arts stress relief achieved many benefits for your body. This lifestyle of martial arts stress relief  training is so sleight and yet can have far reaching results. If you can spend an hour or two on yourself once or twice a week you can have a alternative improvement in both you mental and physical attitude, stress and emotional reactions to those around you. You will be surprised at what a healthy turn in events can accomplish, by focusing and harmonizing your mind into positive stress reliefs you will achieve and succeed.

Health Focus on your Mind, Emotions and Character

No self defense skill taught by any martial art can lower your stress and bring you mental health without the focus on the individual, there character, philosophy and ethic morality. These things are keys to realizing, accepting and conquering ones frustrations, anger, emotional problems, rivalry, vices, fears and intimidation. Martial arts practice works well as a form of martial arts stress relief. A focused mind can rise above, a focused mind and body can encourage a new or old martial art practitioner to new levels of serious thought and goals. Martial arts stress relief also focus on your mind development. If you want t relief your stress, then you should be focus on martial arts stress relief. As a individual gains character development in the martial arts and increases his role in his own world and how it interacts with those around; this practitioner of the martial arts will display a leadership quality and courage never known. They will become a light for those who are still lost and looking, the will defend the defenseless, they will bring with them a knowledge and an experience they developed through hardship and knowing both sides of the coin, both sides of that world. Though until that day, you work on yourself and may become a sight or goal for others for as people watch your progress they will see it as a truly possible goal for themselves. You can create wellness for your body by doing martial arts stress relief. Everyone gets frustrated, everyone gets into slumps, but a cultivated mind, a mind on improvement follows a goal oriented practitioner. Martial arts stress relief have a number of benefits in your life.  Wing Chun was developed to strengthen and enlighten the whole of the practitioner and bring the confrontations of the world, mind and body into focus so that a person could protect all aspects of what they find and see as precious.

Stress as some say is the mind killer, take stress in your life seriously. Martial arts stress relief is a most useful way to reduce your stress level. An over stressed and over pressured lifestyle can cut down sleep, increase drinking, smoking or even cause unintentional pressure on ones family life, interaction, relationships and friends. Though the direct psychological and physiological effects of extreme and excessive stress can be astounding. The links between stress and heart disease, lower immune system and even sexual function have been well established. As stress increases your blood pressure rises and places tension and more stress on the arterial walls damaging and scaring them. As the arteries attempt to heal this damage and scar tissue builds up, this in combination with increased blood pressure over time reduces supplies of blood and nutrients to the heart, vital organs and body. Martial arts stress relief is a bast way to pump up your energy. Stress hormones also accelerate the heart to then increase blood supply to the muscles and vital organs. This acceleration in conjunction with pressure, scar tissue, arterial plaque for poor or imperfect diet and nutrition and blood vessel damage can all be cause for a heart attack. People younger and younger are now getting heart attacks, a student of mine who is a Western Doctor told me of a 26 year old friend of his who just had one. Stress effects everything, your immune system lowers leaving you susceptible to colds and could even intensify symptoms. Stress has been linked to anxiety, fear and depression. Martial arts stress relief is very useful for your body’s blood circulation. Stress is now being associated with intensified symptoms in autoimmune, rheumatoid arthritis, stomach ulcers, headaches, and even cancer. The complete effects of stress are still being researched and debated but what is clear is that if you do not do something now, you might ask yourself later why you didn’t.

Wing Chun; a natural way to relieve anxiety

Skills, power, strength and sacrifice satisfy the demands of the ego, mind, confidence and body, they are demands to that increase our physical defense and ethics that make us grow. A martial arts stress relief  practitioner should be trained to beable to defend and protect those that come to harm and protect themselves from situations they may come across. That means that a martial arts stress relief practitioner is not a accumulation of fancy moves but rather useful techniques that can be employed. Wing Chun views fancy techniques in the martial arts as non-useful and more for the artist in marital then the martial in the art. I bring this up because to often do we see schools and centers that claim they teach self defense, but the truth is they show years of fancy movements without a single effort on the character development of the mind or body. There are many students who relief their stress by martial arts stress relief. They speak of great character, great power and ancient lineage of combat but the truth is many of these schools not only don’t teach it but string there students along with fancy techniques, fancy words and the promise of something more much much later.

I bring this up because a student of 18 years under another martial art (not stated out of respect) joined our school and told me they were shown more effective techniques in one week then in all the time they were training. They had spent so much time only to realize that they were not gaining anything mentally or physically except a new belt and a pat on the back.

The truth is practicing the martial arts can reduce your stress, though it sounds like a physically stressful activity , this regiment of training will allow you to set goals and deal with your stresses positively. You will find that this stress relief is a very natural way to control and focus your energy. Students don’t usually realize it coming in but the this instruction allows you to redirect and concentrate on those things that aren’t stressful and wearing on your mind and body. Wing Chun martial arts stress relief  classes are very structured, they start out with core and conditioning training, increasing your cardiovascular system, building your whole body including your abdominal muscles, arms, legs, heart and overall health. Martial arts stress relief is a natural way to relief your stress. Then Wing Chun brings you into focus mitt training and drills for your hands, kicking and punching with and without resistance training. These practices in class are done with partners and friends, forms and chi gong (a technique of breathing and moving in slow motion not of mysticism) is taught, it clears your mind, focuses your intentions and precision. Then techniques of your level are taught, as you progress you are taught more to build upon what you have accomplished. You can relief your stress by doing martial arts stress relief. Then many students do reflex training, sparring, or even shadow boxing depending on the level they wish to train and build upon. Many students feel a sense of relief, they even go home and tell me they sleep like babies (the non-screaming kind, you know the kind that your like… man that baby is out.. yes, that kind of sleep). In these types of martial arts stress relief  classes you can let yourself go, you can get a sense of mental improvement and stress relief. It is a holistic approach, a whole mind and body legacy you are about to create, dedicate and accomplish for yourself.


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