Seeking Answers finding martial arts politics

Seeking Answers, finding martial arts politics

Martial Arts Politics Seeking Answers Finding
learn answers, without politics within the martial arts
learn lineage differences with no wing chun politics

Have you ever felt like something was off in your martial training? Have you ever wondered how to fix it, make it stronger, create a better you as a fighter and defender within your Close Quarter Combat or Wing Chun training? Have you ever wondered why certain things work within your Close Quarter Combat or Wing Chun training and how to make them better, gain more power and increase your confidence behind them?  Have you ever wondered what the explanations from other lineage schools would tell you and how they actually fix those issues and questions.

(this article can not be copied or used on any other site, permission only to share link) Every one of us have, some of us have passed it off as not being long enough in the system to understand it or have the skills behind it.  Others have blamed themselves or even the system for not having the answers to make it right.  Due to politics, lineage alignments, the rarity of finding a well-versed high-level Wing Chun instructor and school near you it is hard to find answers. Martial arts political and technological reasons, the history of Karate is frequently obscure and difficult to understand.  It can be extremely difficult to look outside your lineage and find answers unless you have a open minded instructor or you no longer have a teacher.  Understanding and seeking out the answers of other lineages should be done after you have a clear understanding of your own lineage and what it has to teach you.  My journey and the books I am creating are a combination of the lineage lines and answers I have found answers to. The martial arts politics is very difficult to understand. Every instructor has an answer for the different aspects of Wing Chun but much like the S.A.T’s there is only one or two best answers you have to decide between them.

Instead of wondering as to the reasons of a technique and how to make it stronger I am seeking out different lineages and schools, the information and differences. Everybody wants to find the martial arts politics. Bringing all this information back to one place for one clear source so practitioners can grow.  You can only get better in Wing Chun if you understand why and can then grow from that understanding with focused purpose.  Applications that may seem irrelevant to one instructor and even taken out may be clearly explained and fully understood by another.

long pole ip man wing chun no politics wing chun
learn the entire system without waiting 10-15 years
no politics, no waiting, just real martial arts training

The great part about online articles, websites, books, magazine or online documentation is that any lineage can read and understand it furthering themselves because they were touched by the knowledge of it.

Due to politics you may not be able to go to or even train at another school without upsetting your instructor. Martial arts politics is a technique, how can i make strong this arts. So my hope is to tie us together as Wing Chun practitioners in the friendship of knowledge and open training/information. The information contained within our lineage line and its ties to other lineage lines is the life times of many Master’s and Grandmaster’s that I have had the pleasure to study with.  They opened their minds and skills to assist me in becoming a better fighter and practitioner.  It wasn’t cheap to get this information and I hope you appreciate it.  Anyone willing and wanting to learn Wing Chun combat is welcomed within our Wing Chun Kung Fu school.

As close-quarter combat Wing Chun practitioner’s the only thing we should be focused on is the development of this martial art as a leader in close-quarter combative’s.  As I have given credit to those who have helped me I ask that if you learned anything from this book that every time you reference this material you also reference its source and where it came from.

“The only way to gain the truth and depth of something is to support those who have sought it out.

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