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Lakeland FL Workouts

There are alot of people nowadays that think that they will only get stronger or physically fit if they use weights in their exercise program. Can’t blame them considering that televisions and even movies have bombarded us with scenes where both men and women engage in weight lifting to keep fit on a daily basis.

lakeland fl workoutsOur body conditioning lakeland fl workouts use timed excercises while increasing cardio, muscle confusion exercises and body weight training. we have found a way to keep our students healthy that does not use non-organic weights. Personal exercise training with custom lakeland fl workouts at wing chun kung fu school. Our bootcamps are held every day before our self defense wing chun classes and really help to relieve stress and anxiety.  Our students have come to appreciate our daily exercises because we demonstrate new techniques, a fun social gym, new exercises every day and we keep the activities extremely interesting.  That’s right, no two days are ever the same.

With our unique structure of daily bootcamp classes you will always have a new variety of body weight exercises and skills to help you get to optimum health. Downtown Lakeland Fl workouts martial arts Wing Chun Kung Fu school. Even if you have injuries all of our daily bootcamp classes are time based, meaning that if we give you 35 seconds to do as many crunches as you can then you may only get 5 done but the person next to you gets in 45.  You are both getting a amazing workout and pushing each other in a group setting.

Children love new things and since we keep the afterschool lakeland fl workouts and exercises fresh everyday, we keep their attention and their smiles. Our conditioning exercises have become successful in keeping our students fit even without using weights. The use of weights can  put unnecessary stress to their bodies whether they have previous injuries or not. Weights also expose the students to possible exercise injuries if done incorrectly or with too much weight.

Weights if done improperly can endanger someones health, though body weight conditioning has been used by the Olympics.

Though you may be afraid of trying something new body weight conditioning under Sifu Och Wing Chun in lakeland fl is an amazing and fun way to get fit.  Most people are willing to at least experiment and try new fitness programs that will keep them in shape without fear of injury. Wing chun bootcamp also provide the lakeland fl workouts martial arts.  We have proven that with our program, you can gain quick and great toning and weightloss results without using weights. And if you are looking for lakeland fl workouts martial arts, then no need to worry. We are here for you. If you want to be faithful to your goals, weightloss, strength training and fitness program then it is important that you keep it simple, intense, fun and easy to execute.

You want a different workout each day, something fun, exciting, engaging, a social environment, one that gives you new goals and helps you achieve the ones you have already set.   You don’t want to get stressed about your workout but you want results.







The other problem with weights and the gym is that it can become a routine for those who use it in their fitness program. In most cases, you get bored even before you have achieved a lifestyle that will keep you fit for life. Doing the wrong exercises can stress out your muscles and can lead to injury. Your muscles will ultimately adapt to the stress placed on them by weights exercises. To avoid that, it is important to include resistance exercise in your regimen. You do not need weights to make your resistance training more effective.

We do not want our after school program children stressed out or injured so we discourage them from using weights in their lakeland fl workouts programs. Your child’s safety and well-being is our top priority. We want to keep them fit and safe with our body weight conditioning, muscle confusion and fun use of a multifaceted conditioning program.   For as long you are committed to our conditioning program, it is easy to keep yourself toned and fit. The key is commitment, time and dedication.

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