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Using your entire as a weapon; my grandmaster in Tai Chi (Grandmaster Lee Chen Style Tai Chi from the Chen Village in China) told me that this is called five bows, each arm and limb is a single bow and the torso is the fifth and when used as one entity of solid body mechanics and proper technique they become stronger than anything your opponent can throw. Now again here is a theory, can we prove it? The answer is yes, as the chapters go on you are going to notice the more you learn how to use the entire body as a whole the stronger you will become. Though I’m sure you may have heard of using your entire body as a weapon, but how often do you see it done or taught, how often do you see a flow of combative hits in practical sparring that use every part of the body to attack and ever part that attacks is backed by the rest of the body in on flowing solid connection. Unfortunately we hear about the principles but very few people know how to use there entire body as one and even fewer know how to teach it. As Authentic combat Wing Chun practitioner’s we are constantly trying to make ourselves and our art within ourselves stronger. Not out of some need to harm others but because it brings us closer to our true selves. We know how invigorating it is to use your full body self defense lakeland fl.  Training within Chi Sau (fighting with double sticking hands) or Wrist against Wrist with another higher level practitioner. We also know that we can always get better so we are always students to ourselves and those around us who may be able to shed light on something deeper we have not yet touched on. We are also reclusive with our techniques at times seeing them as precious pieces of gold only to be shown and traded with those we feel will honor our lineage forefathers and the lives and blood they shed to understand and raise up. Though once you are seen as a honorable and respectful man/woman you are treated as this art has always treated someone of that caliber, like family. Our hearts and doors open to you with the knowledge we have gained and what has been shared with us as well. We want you to understand and be able to use the techniques we share to there fullest because by doing so you give honor back to those lineage forefathers that taught it to us and to honor them we seek to make you great. When you show humbleness and respect to those who have made you, you are also respected in return. That is why we strive not to create new fancy moves and theories or new beautiful looking techniques. We know that knowledge without proven application is just a theory and the principle of Wing Chun theory is the creation of an idea that comes from reality and combat.

Training and using “Applicable Theory”

There are times when you started reacting to a combative situation only to flow with a series of techniques and one pops out that was not something you had planned on by came out because Wing Chun demanded it in that moment, that is applicable theory. Your intense perseverance and dedication in Wing Chun demanded that application drive out from the very soul of your skills and abilities at the peak of your reaction. This “Applicable Theory” was automatically proven because it had to be, it wasn’t thought about for weeks and talked about it was used in seconds. “Applicable Theory” allows for one the expansions of Wing Chun to grow as times change, it allows a practitioner to develop themselves for a variety of situations. At Wing Chun self defense lakeland fl we combine relation of body mechanics and proven related combative action in a realistic situation where all proven theory takes a front seat to the ideology of theoretical possibilities. In the nature and purity of Wing Chun techniques and its original purpose on effective point to point center line relation with complete and simultaneous protection and devastation, ideology is proven or forever dismissed by a seasoned practitioner against a uncooperative assailant. Though “Applicable Theory” is not the only way Wing Chun grows from within its own purity, Wing Chun always makes the practitioner ask the “what if” question. If you have ever been in a martial art, seen a situation or have been presented with a theory of how a technique would or could work, you may have asked yourself, well “what if” the person did this. In this book alone you may ask “what if” though nothing is perfect and this is not designed to answer all of your questions because that is the nature of Wing Chun it is the “what if” martial art and we will always keep asking. Though it is very hard to find a Wing Chun practitioner that knows the complete system of Wing Chun they are out there waiting for the right student, waiting for the “what if”. Because Wing Chun loves to answer the “what if” when you find a high ranking SIFU that has trained in the complete art of Wing Chun ask them “what if” and you will see a smile on there face, because here comes the answers and they are logical, extremely effective and useful. But only with time, dedication, training and sparring can you make them your own, until then they are not yours and will not work for you until you make them yours. This is the beauty in Complete Wing Chun and the benefit for time spent, it is the “what if” martial art, it takes your questions and places them through 10,000 years of logical fighting techniques and body mechanics and gives you the one of the best answers you could have hoped for.

sparring, mobility, speed, power and controlled direct contact

This is the foundation of Kung Fu, the Heart of Wing Chun Kung Fu, whether you are reading this for yourself or for your school we know that if the majority of our training is Yin and instill Yin we will get a Yin student. Have that student face a situation on the street or against another practitioner that has been training for sparring, direct contact, mobility, speed and power, all of the things that Wing Chun represents and who do you think is going to win? Think of the greats in Wing Chun Kung Fu, Yip Man (Ip Man), Bruce Lee, Wong Shun Leung, Simon Lau, etc. They were all fighters, they spoke and trained for fighting with Wing Chun (ving tsun) Many years ago before I started my Wing Chun training, I had trained in other styles and was trained to believe that I could Master the martial arts without sparring. When I first started Wing Chun I quickly changed my mind, where did these practitioners get all of their speed, endurance, technique and power, how could they react to everything I did and was thinking about doing before I even got to do it? I realized that direct confrontation with a moving, active, thinking opponent was completely different then my mirror and forms provided. I realized that this was where Wing Chun (ving tsun) Kung Fu reigned and if I wanted this elusive martial art as my own I was going to have to push myself in dedication and win or lose I would be the one gaining all the benefits and true understanding of those secrets deep within Wing Chun. This is where I started looking into the different techniques, combinations and movements that were being given to me. Over the years I looked deeper into the body mechanics of Wing Chun and how slight adjustments for my body size and those around me could increase not only my power but the effectiveness of ever technique I executed.

solid body mechanics and proper technique, a lifetime of understanding

Techniques that I thought I could never use in a combat application became more than possible as my strength, understanding and ability increased. Wing Chun truly is a complete system it emulates its name “everlasting spring time” or “ever changing spring time” it has an answer for any situation, it is a progressive and modern martial art. Its #1 rule is “your closest weapon to your opponent’s closes vital” that means that whatever is the most direct attack do it. Don’t think about it just attack the next closest vital, keep your root strong, your footwork correct and allow your whole body to become a weapon.

Sifu Justin Och

Black and Gold Wing Chun Kung Fu Instructor

116 East Pine street, Lakeland Florida


(863) 800-0171

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