Sensible Self defense Lakeland FL – PART 2 NO non-sense

Wing Chun Martial Arts – article part 2

sensible self defense Lakeland fl

(Part 1 Here) If you are looking for a realistic system for sensible self defense Lakeland fl that doesn’t focus on tournaments or point sparring but instead is looking to increase your speed and defensive skills this is the martial arts training for you.

No Gi Chinese Jiu Jitsu and sensible self defense lakeland fl

Alongside of Wing Chun Kung Fu a primarly standup martial art system of sensible self defense Lakeland FL, Sifu Och’s center also teaches No Gi Chinese Jiu Jitsu (meaning with or without shirt jiu jitsu ground training). It is both a combat sport and martial art that teaches a effective sensible self defense lakeland system through ground fighting. Its primary technique is to trap, choke or pin down a bigger enemy by leverage and technique, rather than strength. No Gi Jiu Jitsu was carved out out of the 10,000 years of war in China and has seen an expansion in today’s martial art realm.  Many amazing practitioners in the martial arts have studied and continue to study jiujitsu. People can get sensible self defense lakeland FL by joining the wing chun kung fu academy. Realistic sensible self defense Lakeland FL. from Chinese Jiu Jitsu ground fighting, Japanese Jiu Jitsu to Brazilian Jiujitsu, there are a variety of types of ground fighting techniques from various continents and regions from all over the world that are taught today. Japanese Jiu Jitsu, was supposedly derived from Kodokan Judo, a Japanese martial arts that has it’s original roots in China like many Asian martial arts.  These arts were traded on the silk road and then took a form of their own when they were developed in the cultures and history of the new founding owners region.

Some say that No Gi Jiu Jitsu started in America through Cesar Gracie, Chris Brennan, and Eddie Bravo. Chris Brennan discovered, while training with some Brazilian Jiu Jitsu players that his skills almost matched their’s when he took his Gi off*.  After doing this for a while, he concluded that No Gi training is great for developing muscle memory instincts.  Even though Sifu Och does not teach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu he has multiple friends who are highly respected black belts in this amazing and highly respected fighting martial art.  Sifu Och was taught No Gi Chinese Jiu Jitsu from Master Instructor Dr. Nelson Rios who has trained all over the world.   With a background as a Ranger for the U.S. Military, Boxing, Muay Thai from professional trainers in Thailand, MMA camps all over the U.S. Master Dr. Nelson also trained in Jiu Jitsu Training with Rob Khan and Royce Gracie and Wing Chun Kung Fu training from Grandmaster’s and Masters all over the World. Including but not limited to Moy Yat’s lineage, Ip Ching and Ip Chun directly (two son’s of the founder), Simon Lau and the Wong Shun Leung Lineage.

(*Gi  = a traditional uniform worn by Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Japanese and Korean martial artists).

No Gi Jiu Jitsu is not only proven as a good form of self-defense, but as a complete body work. It increases stamina and improves body tone.  If this fits the criteria you are looking for then No Gi Jiu Jitsu is the martial arts for you.


Boxing can be considered as one of the most popular professional sports in the world. It is a multi-million dollar sporting event in itself. It has therefore increased its fame as a self-defense sport. Boxing is a combination of offence and defense and can be integrated in various other systems such as Muay Thai, American Full-Contact, and Mixed Martial Arts.

As a sensible self defense lakeland fl technique, you have to learn to hit an opponent through a jab or punch in critical body points such as the eye, the nose, chin or forehead.  It is best to use open hand strikes in a real-fight situation. You have to be trained to execute punches straight to the body which includes performing uppercuts to the groin, bladder, solar plexus and kidneys as well as hooks to the side of the neck.

The Wing Chun Martial Art sensible self defense Lakeland FL. believes in educating the practitioner in all forms of fighting.  Within the Sifu Och Wing Chun center it is trained that “to better understand what another martial art might do against you is the best way to improve and train your Wing Chun fighting skills, for how often will you fight a Wing Chun practitioner versus how often might you fight a MMA (mixed martial arts), Taekwondo, Karate, Jiu Jitsu, Hapkido, Boxer, Aikido or other type of martial artist?”  So many people come into our school, some with no experience and some with a lifetime of training and knowledge.  Sensible self defense lakeland, wing chun kung fu is the most important martial arts school in lakeland, florida. Why should we not understand and spar against an individual that has trained in another style?  The more we do so the better we become and the more capable we are of better understanding ourselves within Wing Chun and its constant want and need to improve our lives both in and out of the school.

Boxing is a amazing martial art that also attacks the centerline, incorporates quick footwork and movement with fast attacks.  To fight and spar against a well trained boxer is to fight and improve yourself in every aspect of your stand up application within Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Boxing should be used as a combination to other self-defense techniques and should be an enhancement to any base self-defense program. It can be used for fitness or a great form of self defense and training enhancement.

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