Why Start Wing Chun Kung Fu?

Becoming a Wing Chun practitioner is different for everyone. Some start to learn realistic self defense, some begin to get in better shape. Other’s a bit of both! Below is one’s students journey on why they started Wing Chun Kung Fu, and how training at Sifu Och Wing Chun has impacted them:

Growing up I was raised in a harsh environment. “

“The streets of New York showed and taught me a lot. I was only 5 years old when I got my first punch in the face. It is funny because I can still remember the whole situation quite vividly. I was going down a slide and thought everything was cool. There was a kid that was in front of me and once he got off the slide he turned around and hit me.

My mom did not raise me to be violent, so I started crying the moment his fist touched my face. My dad heard what happened and from there my Martial Arts career began. I was forced into a world that molded my character and played a significant role in the person I am today. I started with Karate and as time passed, I dabbled in other forms of combat like Boxing and different styles of Kung Fu.

sifu justin och training student in wing chun kung fu technique

Every art form showed me different things that I can use to protect myself and my loved ones but out all of them Wing Chun is hands down my absolute favorite. I have finally begun an art that I will never stop doing.

Wing Chun is something that runs in my family. My uncle and father trained together when I was younger but the Sifu did not allow kids to join the class because the training was too difficult. I used to hate the fact that I could not attend class but in time life went on. I have wanted to learn Wing Chun for years, but life just kept getting in the way. One day last year I decided that enough time had passed, and I needed to make this happen. I went online and did some research. I found Orlando Wing Chun/Sifu Och Wing Chun and read about the teacher and his teacher as well. I looked up the lineage of the school and did my best to get an understanding of what they were about. I was scared to join a school that was not authentic so I did my best to learn as much as I could. After my research was done, I reached out to the teacher via email and joined as soon as possible. My training has been nothing short of awesome.

wing chun fitness student smiling at camera while in push up position on exercise mat

My instructors have been patient, understanding and extremely helpful. They have also inspired me to teach others when I am ready in the future so I can give people the gift that I have been given. Wing Chun has given me a newfound confidence in my ability to quickly de-escalate a physical altercation with minimal damage to myself. I have learned different styles throughout the years, but nothing is like Wing Chun. It is direct, straightforward and effective.

I honestly believe anyone with the will to learn can develop the skills that Wing Chun has to offer. I highly recommend this art form to any and everyone who wishes to protect themselves and their families. In my eyes, Wing Chun has saved my life because I am now much more prepared for any situation that may be presented to me. Knowing that you can protect yourself and others is a feeling that is indescribable and worth more than any currency that exist in this world.

In conclusion, I am forever grateful for the skills I am learning every day at Sifu Och Wing Chun. It truly feels like a family that I will continue to grow with and love more every day. I will continue to do my best to honor the efforts of my Wing Chun family and strive for excellence with everything I have in me and more.”

– Ian H.

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