Phoenix Eye Fist – Wing Chun’s Dirty Little Secret

What would you do if you knew of a technique that could concentrate all of the power your body could generate behind a strike into a singular focused point to break your assailant? You may not believe it at first, but Phoenix Eye Fist is Wing Chun’s dirty little secret. This is very similar to the famous Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do one inch punch.

The result would be a devastating blow that would leave the opponent staggering! Welcome to Sifu Och Wing Chun’s dirty little secret: the Phoenix Eye fist.

What is the Phoenix Eye Fist?

Sounding like something from an 80’s Kung Fu movie, Wing Chun’s Phoenix Eye Fist does quite a bit. Instead of spreading out the energy and losing its combined force to multiple points of contact, the Phoenix Eye Fist focuses the energy of a punch into one point to exponentially increase the damage done to that specific area. This is similar to how the same amount energy utilized for a slap—if applied to a knife—could allow that knife to actually penetrate the same target.

Phoenix Eye Fist right outside

While this technique is best suited to be backed up by a straight punch (Wing Chun’s cornerstone punch), it can also be combined with almost any other punch to accomplish its goal. Focusing the energy for a strike is accomplished by curling the index finger inward exposing the second joint. The thumb is then locked in behind it to support the new position. When used correctly the Phoenix Eye can be used to strike to the eye, temple, throat, and ribs to maximize effectiveness. Respectively, each strike can result in blindness, concussion, collapse of the trachea, or severely bruised ribs. This is not a technique to be used lightly!

When it comes to self defense, practical street fighting, and the protection of one’s family, there is no room for wasted energy and movement. With training, time, and practice, the Wing Chun Phoenix Eye Fist can be an efficient addition to your arsenal and can free up an extra second for a finishing blow. That could mean the difference between making it home alive, coming away injured, or not going home at all. The ability to devastate an opponent with fewer strikes should be at the top of a martial artist’s priority list.


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