The Wing Chun Kung Fu Shadow Kick

One kick: the kick to end all kicks. To destroy any opponent, no matter the size, with one blow. Is this even possible? What could this kick be? The impressive 720 Spin Kick? The famous Side Kick? Or perhaps the deceptive Spinning Back Kick? (Editor’s note: It’s certainly not the crane kick from The Karate Kid!) While all effective and deadly when landed, there is one kick that is more simple than all of these kicks. It also has the potential to not only stop an opponent in his tracks, but also disrupt other kicks and immobilize an opponent in one quick strike. Say hello to the Wing Chun kung fu shadow kick.

The Wing Chun Kung Fu Shadow Kick is Real

Even though the Wing Chun kung fu shadow kick sounds likes something you would find in video game, it’s quite real, and very effective. But before understanding the shadow kick, you must understand the Wing Chun stance. A quick glance at Wing Chun shows us that the stance is built on the concept of strong rooting combined with the ability to to always be facing your opponent with all of your “weapons”. Shoulders, hips, feet, all facing the opponent at all times. With one foot forward, weight (generally speaking) 50-50, the Shadow Kick is now primed to strike.

Using the Wing Chun Shadow Kick

But what does the Wing Chun kung fu shadow kick do, and how does it work? And can the Wing Chun shadow kick actually end all other kicks? The potential for this is definitely there. The shortest distance between to two targets is a straight line. Wing Chun, as a whole, follows this principal. The Shadow Kick is designed to strike under the “shadow” of your first and go directly to the nearest target. The target being primarily the knee, depending on the situation. With the toe facing away from your body, pulled back, it allows for the heel to be exposed. Pressing off the back foot, the Wing Chun kung fu shadow kick is thrust through the joint to disrupt the opponent’s stance. If done correctly, the result can be a torn ligament or, at minimum, a significant break in their stance.

This short, quick strike’s design allows for a perfect surprise—catching any opponent off guard. With Wing Chun’s stance allowing for both hands and front foot to be utilized at the same time, an opponent’s focus would be on the hands while at the same time a kick can be delivered to a joint. You can than double stomp through a side kick, break the rooting foot of a round house, or simply crush through a lead leg when someone is punching.

In short, the Wing Chun kung fu shadow kick is a very effective, short, powerful strike that has a wide range of uses. Simple and to the point, anyone can learn and utilize this strike.


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