Jackie Chan Wing Chun Kung Fu Practitioner

Some very prominent Wing Chun practitioners have helped the style pick up mainstream interest. Wing Chun isn’t new, however, and the rich history of Wing Chun is worth looking into. Around the 1970’s, Kung Fu was getting some serious recognition thanks to some very popular TV shows and films. Chinese martial arts suddenly started to have a  name. While Kung Fu the Legend Continues was a huge hit, Bruce Lee’s films and entries like the popular Ip Man movie and almost anything starring Donnie Yen. These popular martial art movies, TV programs, posters, and a larger number of emerging schools are really taking Wing Chun far into the mainstream. The Jackie Chan Wing Chun style involved serious training and combat with a comedic angle that endeared it to viewers everywhere.

Jackie Chan Wing Chun Kung Fu

Jackie Chan demonstrates his love for Wing Chun Kung Fu while showing off his wooden dummy abilities. His Rumble in the Bronx movie is just one example of this. Here is a clip of him practicing on the wooden dummy on screen:


Other stars have also jumped into adding Wing Chun as part of their routine, including Madonna, who has even trained in the art of Shaolin Kung Fu and Wushu. The Diva of all female celebrities has probably tried most of the activities out there. When preparing for her 2001 tour she decided to try her hand at Shaolin Kung Fu, for increased balance and power. With a foundation in Yoga and Dancing, she found amazing results and unbelievable coordination and strength. She made the transition in the highly difficult art of Shaolin Kung Fu and Wushu because she saw the need and the results were real.

Criss Angel, the magician and illusionist refers often to his practice in the martial arts. Criss Angel has trained and devoted his body and mind towards the mental toughness that kung fu and the martial arts provide. Strengthening and toughing his mental and physical resolve is what allows him to accomplish his various feats of strength and endurance.

Your Wing Chun Training

A Kung Fu practitioner doesn’t have time or the privilege to waste time, indulge in wasteful fruitless, and idle activities.  A self motivated and disciplined practitioner reflects a person that others are inspired by and want to become.

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