For Learning Wing Chun Bartow Florida is Worth the Lakeland Drive

Looking for a Wing Chun instructor who serves the Bartow area. How about one who is accomplished in delivering truthfully superior students, coaches and instructors? If this is the case, you will find exactly what you’re looking for at Sifu Och Kung Fu. For learning Kung Fu Bartow Florida isn’t that far from Lakeland, so training with us is a simple drive to our downtown facilities. As an Ip Man Family Lineage academy, Sifu Och is capable of managing all of your Ip Man Southern Chinese combat and martial art needs. From start to finish his skilled coaches will provide clear no holds barred combinations with outstanding Wing Chun Bartow FL classes that will help you and your family surpass your expectations.

Servicing Bartow through our Headquarters location in downtown Lakeland Florida you will find highly skilled professionals without ego looking to help you achieve your goals and encourage you in your development.

Advocating self protection is our goal, not violence. Unfortunately 90% of what’s being taught in many commercialized traditional martial arts today doesn’t work for modern street fights. Time is wasted on flamboyant pretty movements instead of proven reliable applications. Training theories is nice, but it must be coupled with established sound biomechanics and reactive psychology. We provide expert training serving Wing Chun Bartow FL .

For Learning Wing Chun Bartow Florida is Worth the Lakeland Drive

Our schools method is committed almost exclusively to realistic applicable fighting tactics. This gives you a distinct advantage to commercialized rehearsed reaction versus credible implementation of responsive combinations. Our distinct advantage is the evolution of in-fighting through countless hands on fights our lineage Master’s and Grandmasters from the Ip Man Family lineage. They rejected what wasn’t working and injected that which kept any size practitioner safer increasing their potential for personal self defense. Conquering fear through realism happens with constant practice to gain credible results instead of emotional reaction.

Highly skilled instructors supervise each class, ensuring careful training with attention to detail that way knowledgeable coaches can answer any question that is thrown at them.

So many benefits come with choosing Sifu Och and learning Wing Chun Bartow Florida to Lakeland is worth the trip. Benefits include:

  • A standard Curriculum for attaining success
  • Proven set responses and techniques for almost any scenario
  • Natural applications for flowing fighting offense
  • Sound realistic concepts that train effective quick response
  • In-fighting training seminars and group sessions

We will beat the advertised price of any storefront Wing Chun academy in all of Central Florida. A price match guarantee that will beat any other advertised offer providing apples to apples combat training. Plus, for learning Kung Fu Bartow Florida is only a short drive from Lakeland—and training with us is worth the trip to our air conditioned downtown studio.

If you want more information on our Wing Chun classes for Bartow residents, call us today. Ask us about our VIP Trial for or our Kickboxing for fitness classes! 1 (863) 800-0171

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