Seeing Wing Chun Progress During Training

In martial arts, as well as many other activities, students can often get the feeling they aren’t making any progress. They can get frustrated or just feel as if they don’t seem to be picking up on a technique. If you come to class and put forth effort, you’re likely making progress. You just may not recognize that you are. So how can you start seeing Wing Chun progress during training? Well, here are some suggestions:

Seeing Wing Chun Progress Means Looking Back (Literally)

If you do not record yourself training, or you don’t take pictures already, I highly recommend you start.


I’m a big fan of taking lots of Wing Chun photos or videos in training and (if allowed) during testing. Not only is it helpful in that moment to correct mistakes you may not realize you were making, it’s helpful for seeing your Wing Chun progress.

When you record yourself, you can look back later and see how much you really have learned. Even if the picture or video is only from six months ago, you’ll begin seeing Wing Chun progress in the form of positive changes you’ve made in that short amount of time.

Your hand positions, Wing Chun stances—even the execution of your technique—are going to be better than they were six months ago. You are progressing. Even if you don’t move as fast as you had hoped, or even as much as you realized, you should be able to look back at the Wing Chun student you were six months ago and say, “Yes, I am better martial artist then I was six months ago.”

Celebrate the Small Victories Along Your Wing Chun Journey

If you are waiting to give yourself that pat on the back. Don’t wait until you’ve made it to an advanced level sash—you’re selling yourself short. When you’re just starting Wing Chun, and you’re having trouble coordinating a Bui Sao (and stepping forward with the correct foot), capture it. There will come a day (soon) when it just clicks, and you realize its become muscle memory! When those movements are no longer something you have to consciously think about in order to execute, you’re seeing Wing Chun progress that’s huge. It’s not the belt. Enjoy moments like these, and celebrate all your victories!

Keep a daily Wing Chun journal of positive achievements

This may sound a little unusual, but when you reflect upon (and write down) the positive things that happen after every class, you’ll start to see your progress. You don’t have to write down something absolutely amazing that happened. It could be “I didn’t give up when I was chain punching even though my arms were tired.” or “I put more power into my double punches.” Give yourself credit for the positive things you are doing to progress as a Wing Chun student, and seeing Wing Chun progress will be something that happens regularly!

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