Robert Downey Jr Wing Chun Kung Fu Practitioner

Kung Fu is starting to pick up interest in the mainstream thanks to some very prominent practitioners. The popularity, however, started more than a little while ago. By the time the 1970’s rolled around, Kung Fu was starting to become very popular thanks to several TV shows and a whole host of films. In fact, kung fu had become common enough that most individuals in the U.S. had heard it referenced in connection to Chinese martial arts. For the first time, kung fu was being differentiated from the more well-known Karate. Initially made popular by Kung Fu the Legend Continues and Bruce Lee, Wing Chun is making inroads with a new spate of Chinese martial arts films like Ip Man and almost anything starring Donnie Yen. These popular martial art movies, TV programs, posters, and a larger number of emerging schools are really taking Wing Chun far into the mainstream.

Robert Downey Jr Wing Chun Kung Fu

The “latest” of these new popular examples may be the Robert Downey Jr Wing Chun expertise shown in his recent Avengers and Iron Man movies. Western society is continually being emersed in Chinese Martial Arts with figures like Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Robert Downey Jr., Nicholas Cage, and Donnie Yen. If you want to know how popular Wing Chun is really becoming, however, look no further than the fact that all Chinese Airline flight attendants are required to train for anti-terrorism responses using Wing Chun Kung Fu.

The Robert Downey Jr Wing Chun journey began after the actor decided that his life needed a amor turnaround. Having abused drugs as a child and struggled with addiction, arrests, and parole violations, Robert Downey Jr needed more than just another rehab. Around 2003 he started training in Wing Chun kung fu. To begin, Downey went to Las Angeles Wing Chun Academy founder, Sifu Eric Oram.

The Robert Downey Jr Wing Chun training was more than a casual event. He dedicated a lot of time and energy to the practice and Sifu Eric Oram held him accountable to show up consistently and train to his full potential.

Your Training Practices

The real motivation behind learning, wanting and pushing yourself in Kung Fu gives you daily inspiration and is not a forced motivation but a focused one.  You should crave greatness and development of the mind and body to something greater than what others limit you to.  Motivation is a driving force a fuel unlike any other and we can gain it from many sources, competition, life threatening experiences or lack.    There is no fast food way of learning, you can be shown all of Kung Fu all of Wing Chun, all the combinations, all the forms, all the techniques in a short time but understanding, applying, using and cultivating that power, that skill, that understanding and reaction against all signs and types of pressure and stress without hesitation is a life time of Discipline, Motivation and Time. The only question is will you give yourself an excuse today as to why you can’t or will you give yourself every excuse to conquer and achieve?

A Kung Fu practitioner doesn’t have time or the privilege to waste time, indulge in wasteful fruitless, and idle activities.  A self motivated and disciplined practitioner reflects a person that others are inspired by and want to become.

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