Beginner Martial Arts & Introductory Wing Chun (Ving Tsun)

Beginner Martial Arts Introduction to Lakeland Martial Arts & Wing Chun Kung Fu (Ving Tsun)

Beginner martial arts, we teach Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) Kung Fu Martial Arts in Downtown Lakeland Florida to provide people with a realistic alternative to family safety and protection. I want to pass the information and knowledge of the Ip Man’s martial art known as Wing Chun Kung Fu to those good hearted individuals seeking peace and security in their homes and lives. It is my hope that the information contained within this will assist you in becoming stronger, faster and more equip in a dangerous situation. I am not a Guru, I am not your Instructor, I am a instructor that is be a practitioner in the complete and the very effective art of Wing Chun Kung Fu as it has been passed down by the (Yip Man) Ip Man lineage. There are a lot of beginner martial arts programs. My Master was directly taught in China, Europe and England by Master Simon Lau, Master Yip Ching and Master Yip Chun and briefly with the highly respected and honored Master Wong Shun Leung. I have followed in his footsteps traveling overseas seeking out practitioners that trained directly with the highest levels of Wing Chun (ving tsun). Only through proper training can one achieve the next level.

Beginner Martial Arts


Wing Chun is a scientifically based martial art

When I speak about techniques, drills, body mechanics or fighting combinations they come from several life times of information and proven applications that have come from my teachers teachers and those high practitioners who have given me the honor of learning from them. As a Wing Chun Kung Fu practitioner I believe that like Wong Shun Leung and Simon Lau techniques must be proven with talking hands. I believe that unless you can use the techniques on a live struggling decisive opponent, that it is only theory and theories can not help you in a life threatening situation. We have seen too many techniques in the martial arts world are based off of theory, a fancy move that looks great but when applied against a live resisting opponent it just doesn’t work. Theories are great but unless they are proven and applied then they remain in that realm; a theory. Wing Chun is a scientifically based martial art system using body mechanics, torque, redirection and rapid subtle power to stop a much large foreign aggressor. Yet this again is theory, unless you know how to use Wing Chun in a stress induced situation. Wing Chun is a extremely effective art but too few practice and train in it for fighting. We have many individuals and schools that train for years on Sil Lum Tao (1st form), Chum Kiu (2nd form), Bil Jee (3rd form) and Chi Sau for the first 6 or 7 years without any combinations, attacker response to your actions (counters), resistance, stress induced reflex applications, or even moderate sparring. This type of training is good if you are only seeking the internal Yin style of Wing Chun much like that of Tai Chi. But there should be no argument that a person needs to be prepared for the adrenaline dump, stress, anxiety, fear and quick movements, reactions and footwork of actual combat. Fortunately there are many ways to train and spar in Wing Chun Kung Fu and all of them can lead to an extremely great practitioner in the art. In our school we start practitioners -aka- new students her in lakeland florida with drills and quick techniques that can be used on day one against a resisting opponent. These techniques use quick reactions to your opponents aggressive nature, such as blocking and attacking simultaneously. Blocking and attacking simultaneously sounds like something any school could talk about incorporating, but Wing Chun Kung Fu is a complete system that teaches this in every aspect, not just one or two techniques. Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) uses redirecting footwork such as shifting to throw an opponent off balance and exploit weaknesses with quick reaction. Learning how to place the right hip movement into each attack without throwing the shoulder out or losing balance within a rooted foundation. Beginners also start learning how to control there own balance, so that each attack has no indication before it strikes but rather hits and is then felt. New students at our Lakeland Florida Martial Art Kung Fu & Street Jiujitsu school test there martial art ability by using these skills by blocking and attacking from a multitude of angles. Students must demonstrate that they can get out of the way of blows while using there Bui Sau’s (high block with a simultaneous punch), Gan Sau’s (low block with a simultaneous punch) and Tan Sau’s (mid-block with a simultaneous punch) so that every movement comes as a reflex to every incoming blow. This is trained with safety and precaution to turn a student who has never trained in the martial art system of Wing Chun (ving tsun) into a reality based family protecting practitioner. By teaching people from day one how to use there blocking and attacking simultaneously as a reflex you are giving them a foundation on which ever technique should fall into this category and if it doesn’t we will work on getting it there. The first couple of months of a new Wing Chun practitioner’s time will stay with them for the rest of there lives, they will reference back to that throughout there lives. So this time is very important in the growth and mindset of a student. What traits would you want to instill? Hardwork, time, dedication, becoming quick, powerful, reasonable, determined, direct, not wasting time, getting to the heart of the issue, perseverance in the face of impossible odds, pushing past your own limitations and the limits others try to place on you?

Sifu Justin Och
Black and Gold Wing Chun Kung Fu Instructor
116 East Pine street, Lakeland Florida
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