Gainesville Dojo

Gainesville Dojo

Sifu Justin Och and crew traveled to the Gainesville Dojo on International Wing Chun Day.  A Dojo unlike any other Gainesville Florida Keith Teller, Hanshi Master, owner and operator had a vision and has made that vision a reality.  Keith Teller has created a place where Masters and practitioners can be found from all different systems under one roof.  Train in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Choy Li Fut, Kickboxing, Wing Chun, Kung Fu, Kenpo, Taekwondo or Kali you decide who you pay and how often you want to train and in what system you want to Master.  Almost each system within this one gainesville dojo is taught by a seperate Master instructor in their field of martial art self defense.

Many Systems, one location

In my opinion you should always do a trial and check out as many systems and schools as you can before making a final decision on where you want to spend your years of training and dedication. Better to see and know that the school your in is exactly what you want before you join and dedicate a life time of passion. At the Gainesville Dojo you can explore multiple systems under one roof. Though many may find it unbelievable that they wouldn’t mind you trying, training and attempting several classes under several different Masters before dedicating yourself the Gainesville Dojo does exactly that.

Owner Keith Teller, Hanshi is a teacher by day and makes sure that everyone knows that even if you are training with him and feel as though switching to a different system would be better for you, he just wants you training. Since there are so many instructors under one roof you have a large variety of martial arts to pick from. Though my personal belief is that dedicating yourself, your time and effort should be a course not taken lightly.

If you find a system that fits your fighting style and methods stick with it, master it and become exceptional at it. Chasing and training under many systems at the same time can not only confuse you but also hinder your Mastery, reaction and understanding.

The Gainesville Dojo is an assortment of systems and masters but once you find one or two stick with those, gain and train with those instructors and really gain a hold on what they are wanting you to learn and use.

Sifu Justin Och and Master Keith Teller

Sifu Justin Och and Master Keith Teller, Hanshi got acquainted on International Wing Chun Day when Sifu Justin Och visited his large dojo. With a boxing ring, tons of heavy bags, floor mats, separated areas for training a variety of styles and systems of self defense. The Gainesville Dojo has a old school “Rocky” gym feel with a foshan china multi-school mentality.   With the principles of combat and fighting both internal and external are welcomed at the Gainesville Dojo.

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//////////////////////////////////     Gainesville Dojo systems of self Defense      ////////////////////////////////////

Western Boxing – The Boxing class will give the individual basic techniques, footwork and proper use of equipment used in boxing training.

Kickboxing – The kickboxing program teaches the correct punching and kicking format for competition or for protection. The class is a mix of American kickboxing and Western boxing with some Muay Thai boxing techniques.

USA Goju Karate – USA Goju Karate (kids and adults) Karate USA Goju Karate is an Okinawan based Goju-ryu (hard/soft) karate style.  Grand Master Peter Urban founded USA Goju Karate. Peter Urban opened his first Goju Ryu karate school in Union City, NJ in 1955. In 1960 Urban moved to New York City where he opened Chinatown Dojo and began teaching his USA Goju Karate. As a student of Peter Urban, Hanshi Keith Teller is a 10th degree black belt who began his training at the Zen Goju Temple in Brooklyn, NY. When Hanshi moved to Florida in 1978, to attend college at the University of West Florida, he established the first Karate Club at the university. Upon graduation, Hanshi moved to Gainesville, FL. and opened the Gainesville Dojo.

Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu – Kung Fu teaches the traditional Northen Shaolin system of Choy Lay Fut. Included is the five animal systems of Kung Fu and Chinese weaponry. Whirling Tiger Kung-Fu trains practitioners weekly

Kenpo Karate – Kenpo focuses on striking vital points of the body.  Kenpo is a hard style martial art that strikes and counters with power and strength.

Brazilian Ju-Jitsu – Brazilian Ju-Jitsu is a ground fighting martial art that is seen throughout mixed martial arts fighting.  Brazilian Ju Jitsu is a martial arts ground fighting course typically used by MMA (mixed martial arts) fighters to create a strong ground game with their standup.

Kali – Kali uses weapons such as sticks, knives and swords but also can be practiced without weapons by kicking, striking and grappling.

Wing Chun Kung Fu – Wing Chun trains a practitioner to react and respond without thought, it trains speed and devastation into the bodies natural want to protect and respond creating a system of direct, simple and controlling techniques that keeps the assailant one step behind the wing chun practitioner.


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