Wing Chun Warrior Dash

The Sifu Och Wing Chun Kung Fu group teamed up and headed out to the Warrior Dash 5K in Florida!

wing chun warrior dash lakeland kung fu sifu och
wing chun warrior dash lakeland kung fu sifu och

Our Lakeland, Florida-based Sifu Och Wing Chun Kung Fu team took the challenge of the Warrior Dash 5K. We found ourselves leaping over live embers and fire and then dropping down and crawling through deep wet mud…and that was jut the beginning!

Crawling under barbed wire and getting low and dirty, our team of guys and gals felt right at home, pushing through the miles scaling wood walls and climbing up and over chain ropes. We waded through dark soaked muddy water up to our chests (which happened to also be as cold as ice) and then ran through sand to our next checkpoint. We had to work both foot and eye coordination as we ran and moved through laid out tires and ran over smashed cars-stepping on the hood, top, and trunk of the vehicles trying to keep our balance. It was a dirty event, with plenty of mud and dirt…but there’s nothing quite like it!

sifu och wing chun warrior dash kung fu lakeland florida
Sifu Och Wing Chun’s Garret Richardson was one of the competitors in the Warrior Dash 5K race.

Of course, we couldn’t forget that after that we still had to climb a net of ropes to get to the top of a platform, then climb down before running up and down large hills! Balancing our bodies on beams of small plywood was next, all while jumping over water-soaked fences! Oh, and did I forget to mention this was all with water spraying and gushing down on us from above!

All in all, this was an amazing time. Next year, come join us and feel free to contact us at to join our Lakeland kung fu crew–We’re crazy about fitness and self defense!

Sifu Och’s Wing Chun Kung Fu crew crossed the finish line at Florida’s Warrior Dash. Now it’s time for YOU to Wing Chun Warrior it up!

sifu och wing chun warrior dash lakeland florida kung fu
Liz from Sifu Och Wing Chun during the Warrior Dash in Florida.

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Wing Chun Warriors!!!  UNITE!


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