Martial Arts Dedication

Martial Arts Dedication

martial arts dedication sifu och wing chun
A life time of dedication, Grandmaster Don McNatt

(this article can not be copied or used on any other site, permission only to share link) I have spoken to many Master’s all of which I have heard a common phrase; “I have been practicing Wing Chun most of my life and every day I learn something new from the art, it has no roof.”  This is one of the only arts I know of where the Instructors rarely get bored, a new drill for advancement is within the imagination and there is no roof to the knowledge and skill you can gain.  The only roof is the one you place on yourself.  Train for a year and you have a one year roof, train for a lifetime and you may never see such bliss and love come from something so filled with knowledge and information.

For every hour of dedication you place in Wing Chun you get that hour back. No wasted time, as everything is practical and everything can be applied.  There are many black belts and masters but finding a true Master of their art is rare and when you do stay, learn and discover everything you can.

No matter what style you study or choose finding a knowledgeable practitioner is hard and is usually not convenient or close.  Time traveled and spent for the real thing is always time well spent and time saved.   Finding an instructor is easy, finding a Sifu, Sensi or Master who knows the real thing is like finding a diamond in a sand storm.  Anyone can pick up sand, its close to them, its convenient and takes little effort and in the end all you have is sand, worthless and plenty.

a life of dedication Grandmaster Philipp Bayer
a life of dedication, Grandmaster Philipp Bayer

True training needs humility, humbleness, dedication, time and effort.  After learning and gaining the highest levels you can I believe in seeking out and looking at the other perspectives of great Grandmasters, Master’s and even lower level practitioners. The learning process never stops unless you stop it, unless you stop looking and seeking practitioner’s that may still have something to teach you as I believe everyone does.

Wing Chun grows with the practitioner and you will gain a deeper and better understanding and ability every year you spend on it.  Many very good practitioner’s and Masters spend their entire lives trying to understand, apply and implement everything they know and have learned into real combat.  Wing Chun is a multifaceted art with many angles and applications of controlling the opponent’s arms, legs and body, and psychological manipulation.  Its quick hands, reaction drills, blind fold sensitivity training, Chi Gerk leg fighting, parson table (42” or smaller parson table training), close quarter combat, multiple attackers, sparring, Chi Sau (double hand sensitivity training with attacks), Don Chi Sau and Bong Lop, standup and ground offense and defense.

a life of dedication, Grandmaster Micheal Kinney

Plus the use of a knife with every movement within Wing Chun the training of martial arts dedication and possibilities for advancement are almost endless.  This makes Wing Chun difficult, for some people they wish to see a end in a few years reaching a black belt and feeling they know the entire system.  Yet the Wing Chun system is like learning three to five systems in one. For every action your reaction and knowledge will push you further, thus since you are always getting better Wing Chun can be like a drug as you advance.  You will always see a side or angle you didn’t before and it can give you an enormous high when it comes together.   When this high doesn’t come, either from frustration, fear, hesitation, new technique or application, then a practitioner can feel like they should quit and find a art that may give that high again.

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