Steve Vill.

My family and friends safety is very important to me. Learning Wing Chun Kung Fu has given me a huge increase in my confidence to react to a life threatening situation and defend myself, my family and my friends. After taking mutiple years of taekwondo in my teens I knew a bit about the martial arts. But the Wing Chun Kung Fu under Sifu Och in lakeland, fl teaches realistic practical self defense. I am a person that loves a challenge especially if that challenge teaches me something as I’m accomplishing my goals, that is Wing Chun.

Mike S

My father who is a Sergeant for the LPD, wanted the best in real self defense for us. I instantly started learning realistic martial arts from Sifu Och and scenarios to keep myself protected and safe. I had heard kids at school tell me about taekwondo, karate and jiujitsu. Wing Chun teaches you to block and attack at exactly the same time. It teaches you how to protect yourself, your family and friends from attackers and bullies. I truly believe Wing Chun will keep you safe and teach you Integrity, Discipline and Respect. Over two years here now and I’m still loving every minute of it!

Tom R.

I trained in Taekwondo in college over 20 years ago and recently I started Wing Chun a few months ago with my son. My son wanted to learn how to defend himself. He researched it and kept coming back to Wing Chun Kung Fu. Suprisingly we found a extremely knowledgeable and recommended Wing Chun Kung Fu instructor in Lakeland, Florida. Everything we heard about the school was amazing. The classes are a great mix of aerobic excercise/workout and practical instruction and reflex scenario drills and training.

Brian Hol.

Years in the Marine Corps infantry, military martial arts training including MMA, Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Hand to Hand field combat…On day one I full contact sparred and wanted to test Sifu Och’s Wing Chun guys and all I can say is that Wing Chun Kung Fu under Sifu Och in Lakeland, FL. has proven to be the most effective fight training I have ever been able to find. I have always felt confident in hand to hand close combat but now my speed, precision and power have noticeably increased. As a proud Marine for the U.S. Military I would tell you to check out Sifu Och Wing Chun.

Michael A

I had a prior injury and permanent disability and was apprehensive about joining crossfit. After much research I instead joined Sifu Och’s kung fu bootcamp to get in shape, improve my flexibility, endurance and strength. With no prior experience I was uninterested in practicing any violent sport I also didn’t want to cause another injury. However Sifu Och was patient and had me watch and slowly practice Wing Chun with him personally. Practicing Wing Chun martial arts is the best decision I have ever made in my life.

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