Lakeland Bootcamp, Weight Loss, Cardio and Core, MMA Fitness

This is the place to get in shape, lose weight, learn a skill, not get bored at the gym, do something amazing and find a bunch of people who really care about your results!!! If your looking for fitness bootcamp here in lakeland or something like crossfit, p90X, Insanity’, cardiovascular training, mma (mixed martial arts) fitness without having to get punched in the ring, this is your place.

Kevin W

Martial Arts In Downtown Lakeland, Teens and Adults Welcome!

I had no experience before coming to the martial arts in downtown, I came here to learn to defend myself and so far I have gained experience and also everyone is really nice and friendly!!! The students are very patient and welcoming – I am so glad I came.
This martial art center in downtown lakeland, fl really welcomes teens and adults!


I Looked Into Krav Maga, Muay Thai, Taekwondo And Found Wing Chun In Lakeland

I looked into krav maga, muay thai, taekwondo and found wing chun in lakeland!!  You will love it here, just come down and try it out and you will find out why I don’t like missing a single class!  I wish I could be here everyday.


Orlando Has Nothing on Wing Chun in Lakeland FL

With kids at home a busy schedule and life always trying to get in the way, I travel from Orlando, Florida 2-3 times a week to train at the Sifu Och Wing Chun Kung Fu Martial Arts Centre in Lakeland Florida. Nothing I have found in Orlando compares to what I have found at Sifu Och’s wing chun lakeland fl
The hour to hour 20 minute drive is well worth it, Disney traffic and all! Thank you Sifu Och and all my friends at Wing Chun!!

Justin S.

Best Choice in Lakeland for Kid Martial Arts

Sifu Justin Och was always checking with me and my husband on the status of our daughter, he always made sure we were on the same page for her future and her focus when it came time to correct bad behavior Sifu Justin Och was right there with a kind but hard show of our mutually focused goal on making sure she grew better and stronger. If you are looking for a afterschool program or summer camp program for your kids you would be delighted by the fresh air brought by Sifu Justin Och and his staff in downtown Lakeland.

It Takes More Than a Few Months, It Takes Years.

My boys needed more than what their school had in a afterschool program, I wanted a program that had the best for them, kept on top of them and transformed them. I understand that it takes more than a few months and it can be a handful driving back and forth to pick up our kids from a afterschool program that is not close to our house. I do it because I can honestly say their isn’t a better program out there. My boys have grown from the experience and positive influence of Sifu Justin Och, Wing Chun Kung Fu martial arts program here in downtown lakeland fl.

Lakeland Florida Afterschool Program

The instruction is amazing the results are great, I can’t think of anything better. Our daughter has had an amazing time with Sifu Och Wing Chun Kung Fu in downtown lakeland florida, we couldn’t ask for more than what they provide. Professional martial arts, dance, culinary, art, theatre what else could you want out of a afterschool or summer camp?
My choice is Sifu Och Wing Chun.
What’s yours?


Kids Martial Art Afterschool Karate, Kung Fu, Boxing

Grades up, Chores done, actually listening, oh this is a parents dream. Thank you Sifu Och your Wing Chun Kung Fu is exactly what we needed, I am soooo happy.  If you have wanted your child to have fun at listening, paying attention and doing things the first time you ask then you haven’t spoken to Sifu Justin Och yet because his Lakeland florida kung fu kids are already on top of it! The lakeland kung fu kids martial art afterschool program teaches them the discipline they need and the real self defense of wing chun, karate, kung fu, jiujitsu, boxing.


Best afterschool and summer camp program

This is by far one of the best summer camp and after school programs in lakeland florida, we have tried almost every martial art program in lakeland and have come to the conclusion that Sifu Justin Och runs the best. Our son had an amazing time learning everything from Wing Chun Kung Fu, Ju-jitsu, Karate and Boxing. With instruction in drawing and painting, fine arts, history, dance, coordination and theatre. By far the Best afterschool program in lakeland florida is Sifu Justin Och in downtown lakeland fl.