Justin S.

With kids at home a busy schedule and life always trying to get in the way, I travel from Orlando, Florida 2-3 times a week to train at the Sifu Och Wing Chun Kung Fu Martial Arts Centre in Lakeland Florida. Nothing I have found in Orlando compares to what I have found at Sifu Och’s wing chun lakeland fl The hour to hour 20 minute drive is well worth it, Disney traffic and all! Thank you Sifu Och and all my friends at Wing Chun!!

Sifu Justin Och was always checking with me

Sifu Justin Och was always checking with me and my husband on the status of our daughter, he always made sure we were on the same page for her future and her focus when it came time to correct bad behavior Sifu Justin Och was right there with a kind but hard show of our mutually focused goal on making sure she grew better and stronger. If you are looking for a afterschool program or summer camp program for your kids you would be delighted by the fresh air brought by Sifu Justin Och and his staff in downtown Lakeland.

My boys needed more than what their school had

My boys needed more than what their school had in a afterschool program, I wanted a program that had the best for them, kept on top of them and transformed them. I understand that it takes more than a few months and it can be a handful driving back and forth to pick up our kids from a afterschool program that is not close to our house. I do it because I can honestly say their isn’t a better program out there. My boys have grown from the experience and positive influence of Sifu Justin Och, Wing Chun Kung Fu martial arts program here in downtown lakeland fl.

My first thought was Really?!

My first thought was Really?! No way did I find a program that had kung fu, dancing, and fine arts in Lakeland florida, Tampa or Orlando maybe, but Lakeland? Yup, well I found it and its right in downtown lakeland fl a place where kids for afterschool pickup, drop off (that’s what we do) or just summer camp can come down and take it all in. From apple turn overs to craft projects down to kids kung fu classes we found the jack pot. Thank you for having and developing such a program Sifu Justin Och all I can say is WOW


Kids Discipline still exists and me and my wife found it at Sifu Och Wing Chun. I have fought with my kids, punished and talked with and all I can tell you is that the discipline Sifu Och teaches them at his lakeland kung fu studio in downtown is spectacular. Homework, chores, piano lessons whatever needs to be done they are happier to do it because it comes with Sifu Och and his Kung Fu instruction of Listening, Focus, Discipline and Respect for your Parents. Kids discipline still exists you just may need to drive down to find it.

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