Attracted to a True IP Man Wing Chun Kung Fu System

I have been a Florida resident for over 22 years and a Financial Advisor at a national financial service companies. I began my Wing Chun Kung Fu training over 4 years ago. I originally joined Wing Chun to do something with my son and what developed was a passion for the art of Wing Chun like I never thought would exist. Wing Chun is a martial art that has taken me to levels I never could have imagined. Ip Man martial arts classes are combat training like I have never seen before or since.

Sifu Och is a man that seeks to improve all of his students to their absolute best, which are levels beyond what we would have thought we could have brought ourselves.


Northern Praying Mantis vs Sifu Och Wing Chun Kung Fu

I trained in Northern Praying Mantis kung fu in Plant City, Fl. Our Northern Praying Mantis instructor moved and researched all the Kung Fu instructors within 35 miles, finding only one to take over for him… Sifu Justin Och.  I didn’t understand what the difference was between Praying Mantis and Wing Chun but once I started his classes I realized immediately how effective and practical Wing Chun is under Sifu Och. The physical conditioning and realistic fighting applications are incredible. Sifu Och is constantly seeking a higher understanding in this time tested art of Wing Chun while maintaining the traditional and combat Wing Chun practices.

Tom McDonough

Healthcare Professional – I Lost 40lbs!!!

I am a Healthcare Professional and I was very athletic in highschool and college with background in boxing, wrestling, football and baseball. As I got older I put on over 40lbs. Sifu Justin Och has rid me of that weight and has allowed me gain the knowledge and ability to protect myself, family and friends. It really allows you to test your inner strengths. I highly recommend this to anyone who is trying to get back into the shape they were in years ago. I am 58 years old! This is a school where you definitely earn your information, skill and sash, they want you to succeed.

John G.

Don McNatt 7th Dan Shotokan Okinawa Karate Grandmaster

I started in 1950 in boxing at the local boys club Lakeland, Florida for 6 years. Exposed to Okinawa Goju karate in 1956 in lakeland Florida at Florida Southern College. Boxing until 1956 when I started Karate and Judo. Started karate in 1956 at Florida Southern College. I joined the United States Marine Corp and trained in Okinawa Japan in Shin Kage Ryu Jujitsu and Shotokan Karate. I wish I found Sifu Och sooner, it’s an amazing martial art. State of Florida representative for Okinawa and Japanese Karate Eastern USA International Martial Arts Hall Executive Advisor 7th Dan Shotokan Okinawa Karate Grandmaster.

Don McNatt

NOT a Generic Lakeland Afterschool Care Program

I had my daughter in a “generic” afterschool care program when she first started Kindergarten, after a while I decided to make a wise decision to change her to Sifu Och Wing Chun afterschool care program. As a innocent kindergarten she had some trials with others and experienced bullying, back talk, negative behavior, lack of respect, and even fowl language which made it challenging for my daughter to find friends (even adults) that would set as a good example for positive support for her foundation of who she will become.  There has been nothing but extreme hard effort from the entire staff.

Alexis D.

James Frazier Testimonial

I had 28 years training and achieving in Taekwondo, a Master in my own right as a 6th Dan. I was very impressed with Sifu Och’s Now Wing Chun from day one, you will be too. I trained to be able to defend and protect myself and my loved ones. I know you’ll hear the so called EXPERTS and MASTERS talk about how you train to (not fight) whatever that is suppose to mean, but its not reality. Yes you should avoid any and all conflicts but if you can’t avoid them then you should be able to devastate your attacker or attackers with Wing Chun Kung Fu.

James Frazier

I Trained In Wing Chun Before, But . . .

Born in Queens, N.Y. (New York in Flushing) whether because of race or bullies the neighborhood I grew up in always had me fighting on the street. I never backed down, now at age 30, living in Florida I wanted a realistic martial art, which brought me to Wing Chun. I trained in Wing Chun before in Tampa near McDill Airforce base it was good, but Wing Chun from Sifu Och is a seriously realistic experience and coming from a hard background of street fighting his techniques and approach make perfect sense for the street. Sifu Och doesn’t waste your time

Javier B

This Lakeland Martial Art Studio Is One Big Family!

I have been at Sifu Och’s Wing Chun Kung Fu Centre for about 2 weeks and this has been one of the best experiences of my life. He teaches us how to defend ourselves as if we were actually in a street fight and even if someone threatened me at school. I came here to learn to defend myself and get healthy and everyday I come I get both! I have had no experience and I think in the time of 2 weeks I am already confident about defending myself at school! The farther I get along the better, and the more time I put in the better!

Mackenzie S

MMA Mixed Martial Arts, Knife And Gun Defense, No-Gi Jiujitsu, Combat Wing Chun Kung Fu… What Else Do You Need?

Do you want to become a well rounded martial arts practitioner? Training against knife, gun, standup, ground, multiple attackers, other styles, home invasions and real life scenarios? Then in my opinion this is by far the best place to train in Lakeland, Tampa or Orlando Florida to train hands down. We have guys that have no experience to several high ranking 3rd, 6th and even a 7th Dan in Shotokan Karate, Taekwondo, Judo and many other styles of martial arts. Everything is safe and trained to your level, just come down!