Determination through Sifu Och Kung Fu

Pass or fail, it’s not about the struggles or the pain, but pushing through it and making everything count. It’s never been about how many mistakes you’ve made because if you’re pushing through it and spending the time, then the only difference between me and someone above me is that they’ve made more mistakes than the amount of times I’ve even attempted. I will put in the work, I will seek every ounce of information I can, I will take the mindset of every action slow enough to get it right every time, and I will push through the struggles.

Shaun W

Quick thinking and Knockdown strikes

Wing Chun originally was just something I did for fun, but after truly beginning to learn about it and what kind of mindset I must have, For the first time in my life, when I flex, something actually moves in my arm. I have grown in endurance, strength, reflexes, reactions, perception, awareness, quicker thinking, critical thinking, perseverance, dedication, professionalism, control, maturity, confidence, boldness, and learned how to approach everything I do in life.   If I were to choose the biggest thing that I have learned from Wing Chun and from Sifu Och, it would be to make every single thing a knockout punch.

Tony Plass

Taekwondo training Wing Chun

As a practitioner of Tae Kwon Do for 10 years prior to studying Wing Chun, I thought I might have an advantage in my training in a new martial arts style. I was incorrect. For me, my previous Tae Kwon Do experience has been a frustration as I have tried to train in Wing Chun. I switched from a Korean martial art style that was very rigid in its stances and forms, employed mostly kicks and almost no contact to the face with the hands, but was great for tournament point sparring, to a Chinese martial art style that was very fluid, adaptable, and extremely practical for self-defense.


Christian confidence in Wing Chun

I would not of been able to lead a family with confidence or protect them when the worst happens. Over the last year and a half, 3 things have radically changed my life. They include truly building and focusing on my relationship with Christ, the mentorship and school of Sifu Och, and lastly one of my voice lesson’s professors telling me “Why should anything but perfection be good enough? Just why?”. These three things have brought me into the person I am today. I have began to reap benefits that I could never imagine.


Absoluetely Fascinating Kung Fu

After the first class, I discovered I found it absolutely fascinating. I went through the first 2 months to become a white sash, and then realized that I didn’t know it as well as I thought I did. On top of that I was not a confident individual. I would be quick to look away from the gaze of someone’s eye and shrink away instead of standing up for myself. I knew that if someone I cared about was in danger, I would be of absolutely no help regardless of what I were to have tried.

Andrew Corb

Body builder turns Kung Fu

I couldn’t have found a better place to train or a better teacher. I have have very high expectations from any martial arts teacher that had never been met before meeting Sifu Justin Och. His patience and vast knowledge in the field are only a small amount of what makes him the best of what I’ve seen. You may never find a more driven and passionate master. The Wing Chun fire is infectious here. As a new student the welcome here made me feel as if I had always belonged. After only a few short months I feel like I have family.

Rich D.

A Karate Instructor training Wing Chun

My punches are more controlled, powerful, my body is more rooted, and I’m not (as much) off balance any more. My power has increased and my speed is better now then it has ever been before. I have gotten into better shape, just from Wing Chun and the blocks, punches and training. Chain punching by the way is fantastic at building muscle mass in the arms and chest. I have so much with Sifu Och Wing Chun blocking and attacking. My endurance and cardio has improved greatly. I still have a long way to go. If a fight breaks out I just want to end the fight very quickly. I also want to be able to be good enough to not be hit.

Sarah L.

Western Boxing, Ranger, Vee Arnis Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts

Trained Western Boxing under George Yaniger, A.A.U. Golden Gloves champion (Rocky Mountains – 1962-63). Served with ARMY 2nd Ranger Battalion (Ft. Lewis, WA). C Co 2/75 held hand to hand combat and mixed martial arts. I Studied Vee Arnis Jitsu under Shihan Charles Garrity and Sensei Rusty Hunter in Bangor Pennsylvania. After a challenge match with Sifu Och in May 2008, I saw the huge potential in the close range combat techniques of Wing Chun.  After years of private lesson training and sacrifice I have achieved instructor level under Sifu Justin Och. I will continue to train toward the highest levels possible in Wing Chun and learn the entire system under the watchful eye of my Sifu Justin Och.

Jeff G.

Prior Martial Arts Training; Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiujitsu, Karate, Muay Thai

I have trained in brazilian jiujitsu, kickboxing, karate and muay thai for years, but in my first class, I realized there was so much I could gain from Wing Chun Kung Fu & Chinese Combat. I’m in better physical conditioning now then when I was in my twenties, thanks to Sifu Och’s Boot Camp Style Training, Hardcore Wing Chun Sparring, cross training us on what other styles do in combat to increase our abilities in Wing Chun and tips on what to eat, I am not only leaner but 15lbs lighter & am far beyond what I was.

Eduardo A