Honoring Father and Family

During childhood it was common for my household to consist only of my mother and myself due to my father’s profession. In the event that my family was under attack my father wanted to ensure that I was capable of protecting myself as well as my mother in his absence. After my mother rained a barrage of emails and phone calls down on Sifu Och, I finally participated in my first class during August of 2007 at 10 years old. I am blessed to have found this Wing Chun school when I did, because unlike most I was spared the trial and error of finding the perfect martial art instructor. The people that I have had the honor of climbing through the ranks with have unshakable honor and loyalty and I would not trade that Wing Chun family for the world.

Neckodemos Davison

All Over the World, and Wing Chun Kung Fu Blows My Mind

I have had the chance to see and/or train in martial arts from US, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Poland, Kuwait, United Arab Emirtapef, Egypt, Jordan, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore. After all that WING CHUN blows my mind. It is an absolutely amazing, direct and close quarters hands on martial art that is fast paced. Wing Chun is applicable to real life situations and encounters. You don’t have to be the strongest, Wing Chun attacks the core areas of the assailants body, real world training and it’s fun!


I Never Thought Anything Would Be More Effective Than My Previous Karate Martial Arts Training

I trained and lived in Brooklyn New York for 2 years before I joined the U.S. Air Force with a background of Karate Martial Arts. Training in Wing Chun was completely different and great. Much better and more effective then my previous Karate Martial Arts plus I saw progress in my first week. My skill, realistic fighting and energy levels have increased, this has been a life changing experience for me and I know it will be great for you too. Wing Chun for realistic fighting is the way to go.

Kaseem M

Boxing Prize Fighter Out Of San Diego, California, Tijuana, Mexico… Now WING CHUN

Once a boxing prize fighter with sanctioned matches out of San Diego, California and Tijuana, Mexico. I am now a instructor under Sifu Och, if I had possessed Sifu Och’s Wing Chun then I would have easily won my matches. I have been training in Wing Chun for years with a tremendous amount of information and valuable lessons taught. I’ve become faster & smarter in sparring and with God’s help and Guidance and with Sifu Och’s training I know that I will improve myself and help other’s. Wing Chun has helped me overcome several obstacles in my life.

Garret B

Discipline still exists! Join Sifu Och

Kids Discipline still exists and me and my wife found it at Sifu Och Wing Chun. I have fought with my kids, punished and talked with and all I can tell you is that the discipline Sifu Och teaches them at his lakeland kung fu studio in downtown is spectacular. Homework, chores, piano lessons whatever needs to be done they are happier to do it because it comes with Sifu Och and his Kung Fu instruction of Listening, Focus, Discipline and Respect for your Parents. Kids discipline still exists you just may need to drive down to find it.


Best Afterschool Martial Arts Lakeland Fl

Our son has been going to Sifu Och Wing Chun Kung Fu afterschool martial arts program for 2 years now and we have seen a remarkable improvement in his confidence, strength and ability to make friends. We have even seen muscle growth and definition from Sifu Och afterschool martial arts program lakeland fl. The program is amazing, the results are fantastic and I couldn’t imagine having our son in any other place.

Best afterschool martial arts program lakeland fl is Sifu Och Wing Chun Kung Fu.


Polk County police sign up son

Two polk county police officers sign up their child.  We needed focus, concentration and an increase in discipline and respect instilled into our son.  As parent’s we are always wanting higher concentration and focus but what Sifu Justin Och has accomplished already with our son is absolutely breath taking.  His no-nonsense approach to teaching the lakeland fl afterschool program is completely different than any other program here in lakeland, fl.  As a polk county sheriff I will tell you this is the only place I tell people to bring their children and yours.


Family safety through Wing Chun

My family and friends safety is very important to me. Learning Wing Chun Kung Fu has given me a huge increase in my confidence to react to a life threatening situation and defend myself, my family and my friends. After taking mutiple years of taekwondo in my teens I knew a bit about the martial arts. But the Wing Chun Kung Fu under Sifu Och in lakeland, fl teaches realistic practical self defense. I am a person that loves a challenge especially if that challenge teaches me something as I’m accomplishing my goals, that is Wing Chun.

Steve Vill.

LPD Police Sergeant and son

My father who is a Sergeant for the LPD, wanted the best in real self defense for us. I instantly started learning realistic martial arts from Sifu Och and scenarios to keep myself protected and safe. I had heard kids at school tell me about taekwondo, karate and jiujitsu. Wing Chun teaches you to block and attack at exactly the same time. It teaches you how to protect yourself, your family and friends from attackers and bullies. I truly believe Wing Chun will keep you safe and teach you Integrity, Discipline and Respect. Over two years here now and I’m still loving every minute of it!

Mike S