Wing Chun Florida Martial Arts Instructors

Sifu Justin Och – Chief Instructor

“Sifu Justin Och is the ONLY one in Florida with these credentials APPOINTED OFFICIAL SE U.S.A. Director World Ving Tsun...

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Sihing Cathy Morgan

Sihing Cathy Morgan – 3rd Level Wing Chun Instructor

I started my training in MMA (mixed martial arts). We would train on various types of kicks and ground...

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Jeff Gardner

Sihing Jeff Gardner – 2nd Level Wing Chun Instructor

Currently Sihing Jeff Gardner has achieved the rank of Red Sash (1st Adv. Level Wing Chun Instructor), has a...

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Sihing Garret Brumfield

Sihing Garret Brumfield – 2nd Level Wing Chun Instructor

Sihing Garret Brumfield started training in boxing in Montgomery, Alabama in 1995 while in college but the bulk of training...

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Eduardo Aviles

Eduardo Aviles – 1st Level Instructor in Wing Chun

Eduardo Aviles trained for multiple years in Brazilian Jiujitsu, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Jeet Kune Do and Northern Styles of Kung...

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Eric Ebuen

Eric Ebuen – Wing Chun Coach Level

Dr Eric Ebuen is a student of Sifu Justin Och at the Downtown Lakeland Martial Arts in Lakeland, FL....

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John Gangemi

John Gangemi – Coach Level

John Gangemi is a Healthcare Professional who owns a Compounding Pharmacy which specializes in HRT Therapy, anti-aging medicine, and specialty...

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Tom McDonough

Sihing Tom McDonough – 1st Level Wing Chun Instructor

Sihing Tom McDonough started training in 1996 in Pong Lai Praying Mantis (seven star praying mantis) in Plant City, Florida....

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Don McNatt

Dr Don McNatt – 1st Level Wing Chun Instructor

7th Dan Shotokan Okinawa Karate Grandmaster and U.S.A. International Black Belt Hall of Fame counsel member Dr Don McNatt...

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