Self Defense Classes in Lakeland, FL

Self defense training Wing Chun outsideProtecting yourself and your loved ones is important. At Sifu Och Wing Chun we teach self defense classes in Lakeland that emphasize no-nonsense solutions and techniques to stop confrontations quickly. While our hope is that you never have to use our techniques in an actual encounter, we teach in such a way as to ensure you’ve got the training, practice, and reflexes for that training to translate into a real-world response. We accomplish this through energetic, physical training that uses the styles of Wing Chun kung fu and even elements from kickboxing and jiujitsu to arrive at a practical system for self defense.

Want Street Realistic Self Defense classes?

lakeland self defense, self defense lakeland, realistic self defense, lakeland, lakeland martial arts, lakeland kung fu, kung fu, kung fu lakeland, self defense, lakelandWith Wing Chun Kung Fu, our self defense classes train you to both attack and defend at the same time. We don’t play for points, and we don’t practice fancy aerial maneuvers that look cool but are easily intercepted. We also stay away from anything that’s impractical or which requires your opponent to have to respond in a certain way.

If you’re looking for real-world, practical self defense training that will truly help you defend yourselves and your loved ones, Sifu Och Wing Chun is where you want to be.  We teach and drill you in attacking and defending against punches, kicks, and even holds.

women wing chun, self defense women, women self defense, wing chun woman, self defense, lakeland self defense, self defense lakelandProfessional training environment for All Levels –
Designed to end a confrontation quickly – We teach practical, realistic self defense designed to end a confrontation quickly, even before it escalates if possible.  We teach and drill you in attacking and defending against punches, kicks, and even holds. We even offer advanced Wing Chun classes that delve into weapons training and additional practices and forms to help your reaction times and skill in defending yourself from an attacker.

Training by Master Sifu Justin Och

master sifu justin och, sifu och wing chun, wing chun, wing chun kung fu, kung fu lakeland florida, lakeland kung fu, lakeland wing chun, wing chun lakeland, lakeland wing chun kung fu, wing chun kung fu lakeland, florida, flWhen you take self defense classes in our Lakeland facilities, you get trained directly by Master Instructor Sifu Justin Och, who makes sure that the techniques you’re being taught are being learned and performed correctly. Each class is also attended by certified
trainers and instructors who assist Sifu Och in making sure you’re able to fully learn and practice the techniques we teach. While our self defense classes center around the Wing Chun kung fu style, our practice and training involves far more than just the basic forms—from your very first class we’ll begin teach you how to both attack and defend at the same time. Since every class is taught personally by Sifu Och, you’ll know that you’re not just “going through the motions”, you’re being honed and trained into a skilled practitioner of self defense.

Downtown Lakeland Martial Arts Classes

private Wing Chun classesOur Downtown Lakeland martial arts studio is large, air conditioned, and fully equipped to serve your training needs. Training with us will not just hone your self defense skills and teach you better ways to defend yourself, it will also help you increase your power, cardio, and endurance. Our thought is that it won’t help you very much if your body isn’t in good cardio and physical shape to keep up when you find yourself in a confrontation.

lakeland self defense, self defense lakeland, lakeland fl self defense, self defense lakeland fl, self defense, fl, lakelandAID YOUR SELF DEFENSE WITH CARDIO To aid in your self defense classes and training we aerobic  also offer striking and kickboxing classes and aerobic fitness boot camps—and more than a few boot camp directors and triathletes in Lakeland have experienced our results! Pace yourself—we have a lot to offer! We also train both in and out of the studio, taking advantage of the great Florida weather and excellent Downtown Lakeland amenities! From a climate controlled facility to sunny Lakeland’s Munn Park in the Downtown square, we go where the training is best. So close and convenient to the center of Lakeland, you’re only a few moments away from our next class!

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