Lakeland Florida Wing chun Kung Fu Classes

OWing Chun chi-sau trainingur Wing Chun Lakeland Florida Kung Fu classes are energetic, fast-paced, and train extremely effective techniques. These classes are ideal for individuals that want reality-based training and fitness for their entire family. If you want a complete system that is based on keeping you and your loved ones safe in dangerous situations — that is what we empower people with every day.

Why You Should Choose Wing Chun:

We are Exclusive HUB of The World Ving Tsun Athletic Association; Entire South Eastern USA

  • Fast, very fast, perhaps the fastest martial arts in existence. 
  • Promotes physical fitness & confidence
  • no-nonsense self defense system
    • Direct and effective
    • No Bull, no fancy techniques, no gymnastics or jumping around
    • No unrealistic training taught here no-nonsense self-defense
  • No previous training required for beginners, while enhancing prior martial arts skill
  • Not a “points” system, but a real-world self-defense program
  • Traditional Ip Man Southern Shaolin Wing Chun Kung Fu
    • centuries of effective techniques
    • train in self-discipline
    • based on real world self defense
    • Our studio offers certified training in Authentic Ip Man Wing Chun

Beginner Wing Chun Classes Available

Beginner-wing-chun-classes-available-300x182Morning, Afternoon and Night classes are open!  Whether you have a huge background in the martial arts or no background at all, we will take you to the next level of training. Sifu Och Wing Chun teaches reality-based Kung Fu martial arts classes that focus on adult scenarios and confrontations.  Over the years we have trained our top instructors and coaches from the best Lakeland has to offer! Students from all walks of life take our Wing Chun classes: Stay at home Moms & Dads, doctors, lawyers, teachers, Army Rangers, Marines, even black belts from other styles.


Exclusive Ip Man Wing Chun training and insight

sifu och, sifu justin och, lakeland wing chun, wing chun lakeland, wing chun, lakeland, fl, florida, This is the only studio in Florida tested, trained and certified to teach the entire Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu system under all four lineages of Moy Yat, Ip Chun, Ip Ching, Simon Lau.  Our Master Instructor Sifu Justin Och has personally traveled to over 10+ countries, trained with Grandmaster’s and Masters from all over.

If you do have previous martial arts experience you will find your skills and speed grow in a reality-based offensive system with each class making you better then the last. Wing Chun Kung Fu was Bruce Lee’s fighting system, taught to him by the legendary Ip Man in China.

lakeland wing chun, wing chun lakeland, wing chun kung fu, lakeland, fl, florida, kung fu lakeland, lakeland kung fuOur system is quick, direct, and extremely effective in seeking out the fastest and best way possible to shut down a bad situation. Make no mistake, our Lakeland Wing Chun classes are designed to teach you what you need to effectively stop a confrontation as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We’ve trained beginners to a 7th degree shotokan karate black belt Hall of Famer, 6th Dan Taekwondo Masters, 8+ year semi-professional boxers, shaolin kung fu practitioners, and black belts in tae kwon do, karate & jiujitsu.

Real Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu in Lakeland, FL

lakeland-wing-chun-classes-floridaSifu Och Wing Chun’s Lakeland Kung Fu classes teach the entire Ip Man system because we believe that real protection is not a fad or a trend. A good self-defense system teaches self confidence, insight, strength, and personal protection. Even if you’ve never taken a single martial arts class before, our experienced and knowledgable staff will assist you and your family in every class. You’ll gain skills and knowledge to provide your loved ones with safety and protection—we can mold you from the ground up! With classes every day of the week available at all training levels, our Lakeland Wing Chun classes can teach the entire Ip Man system.Your life will be improved through dedication and persistence towards a skill that uplifts both you and those you love.

lakeland-fl-self-defense-lakeland-fl1-300x182Our martial arts studio in Downtown Lakeland Florida will serve as the home base for learning a system that will increase your power, cardio, and endurance. After all, it doesn’t do much good to learn techniques if your body can’t keep up with them during a confrontation. Classes are also available in hardcore conditioning and fitness boot camps—and more than a few boot camp directors and triathletes in Lakeland have felt the results of our classes! Pace yourself—we have a lot to offer!

Unique Modern Day Self Defense Training:

We specialize in modern hand to hand tactics to prepare you to defend yourself when needed. Our style of Wing Chun Kung Fu is very quick, effective and direct.  The more time and effort you put into your training, the better you’ll get — and every class can make you better than the last.

Put in the time, dedication and effort to see real results, our concern is real skill.

We also train both in and out of the studio, taking advantage of the great Florida weather and excellent Downtown Lakeland amenities! From a climate controlled 2400 sq. ft. facility to sunny Lakeland’s Munn Park in the Downtown square, we go where the training is best. So close and convenient to the center of Lakeland, you’re only a few moments away from our next class!

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