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Wing Chun by Sifu Och is a 5 out of 5!

I was completely capable of holding my own, but was blown away by the effectiveness of Wing Chun (Ving Tsun). The capability to flow in & out of an opponents defense was unlike anything I had ever seen. Very direct, to the point & much more devastating. If I have a street realistic question, to this day not a single one has gone unanswered. Over the course of my Wing Chun Training, Sifu Och has taught me an unequaled quality of self defense. Sifu Och's training can take any level martial artist, even a beginner with no experience and make them extremely formidable

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  • - Tons of fun, traditional or modern, it's amazing
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Lakeland After School | Summer camps
  • - Wing Chun Kung Fu |
  • - Confidence | Learning new Skill
  • - Focus | Discipline | Structure
  • - Homework help
  • - Bully self defense
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Wing Chun Kung Fu Lakeland Martial Arts
Wing Chun Kung Fu (Ip Man)
  • - Direct 3rd-generation Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu
  • - Complete Close Quarter Combat Wing Chun
  • - Internationally certified and ranked instructor
  • - U.S.A. Black Belt Hall of Fame

  • - Direct Ip Man Lineage Training
  • - 7 days a week instruction
  • - Fast and Effective

From beginners to advanced students, all are welcome to join.

Wing Chun Kung Fu is known as a no-nonsense martial art that applies quick, effective and direct strikes along the centerline. This has been the primary close combat fighting art of Bruce Lee, Wong Shun Leung, Grandmaster Ip Man (Yip Man), Simon Lau, Yip Ching, Yip Chun, and Moy Yat. This is an extremely effective art for self defense, don't waste time. Realistic and practical protection for your whole family.

Internationally travelled and certified instruction
  • - Direct and Complete Lineage instruction under Grandmaster Ip Man line
  • - USA International Martial Arts Association Black Belt Hall of Fame Instruction
  • - Wing Chun training from USA, England, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy.
  • - Quick strikes along the centerline while blocking and attacking simultaneously

Lakeland Martial Arts Headquarters

Headed by Sifu Justin Och a seasoned Black and Gold Sash instructor in the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu (Ving Tsun Kung Fu). Trained under many well known and certified instructors all over the world. Inducted by the Eastern USA Hall of Fame as a Leader in Combative Wing Chun Kung Fu, a National Instructor in the art of Close Quarter Combat, and internationally ranked for his European travels and training.

Street Defense, knife and stick

Quick and effective ground self defense. You will be taught holds, chokes, brakes, grabs, and immobilizing an attacker preventing them from continuing their assault. These ground tactics are seen more and more in street confrontations and cage fights.

Kung Fu for Kids Classes

Children love kung fu, with the strength, respect, discipline and focus that the martial arts provide. Our age appropriate after school programs provide classes for kids from 4-13 years old. Teaching kids a full Lakeland Kung Fu self defense program. Call us today to ask how martial arts classes can give your child a better future, increased focus and drive.

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