Wing Chun Videos from Our YouTube Channel

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We like to publish Wing Chun videos from our Lakeland Wing Chun kwoon from time to time in order to give you an idea of the techniques, concepts, and self-defense martial arts methods we employ at our school. We love when students ask questions, and we find that it’s often a great opportunity for us to train others by capturing the brief Q&A on video. Enjoy these videos from Sifu Och Wing Chun in Lakeland, Florida…plus, you just might learn something!

Check out our Wing Chun photos as well!

We love sharing what we know. It’s in our blood. Hopefully you enjoy these videos which educate and entertain at the same time while teaching valuable lessons in the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu. Be sure to check out our Wing Chun photos to see how we show off both our students and instructors each week as they learn and teach.

For more great Wing Chun videos, please visit our Wing Chun YouTube channel.