energetic, fast paced, and extremely effective

Our Wing Chun Kung Fu classes are energetic, fast-paced, and provide extremely effective techniques. They’re ideal for individuals that want reality-based training and fitness that’s perfect for the entire family. If you want a complete system that focuses on keeping you and your loved ones safe in dangerous situations, then join us for our special trial and get five (5) introductory classes for just $25.

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Why You Should Choose Wing Chun:

  • 25 TrialWe are Exclusive HUB of The World Ving Tsun Athletic Association – Entire South Eastern USA
  • One of the fastest martial arts in existence.
  • Promotes physical fitness & confidence
  • No-nonsense self defense system
  • No previous training required for beginners
  • Not a “points” system, but a real-world self-defense program
  • Traditional Ip Man Southern Shaolin Wing Chun Kung Fu