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summer camp martial artsIf you are looking for kids summer camps lakeland florida then you have a wide array of opportunities to choose from. There are so many summer camps to choose from, deciding which is the best may be the toughest part for you and your child.  There is a big difference between what each summer camps offer and provide.

Why choose our SUmmer Camps Lakeland program?

Sifu Och Wing Chun Kung Fu has teamed up with Just Dance Studios to offer an unforgettable experience to children of all ages.  Give your child an educational summer camp this year.

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  • field activities and social team building
  • learn from highly qualified instructors
  • educational fun filled summer camp
  • kung fu, kickboxing and dance classes
  • range of fine arts activities and martial arts
  • unique summer camp experience
  • etiquette, manners and language classes

They’ll take part in many new fun, safe and educational experiences with our summer camp.

Field Trips, new experiences and great friendships

best summer camp in lakealnd fl, best summer camp in lakeland florida, best summer camp, lakeland, fl, florida, sifu och wing chun, kung fuMake new fiends while participating in fun field trips like baseball games, animal safari adventures, museums, mosi science, large parks, movies, water parks, and more. With our unique lakeland location and highly qualified instructors be sure your child is in a safe and educational environment. As the summer season approaches, considering sending your children to an action packed summer camps where they can experience a whole range of activities.

Want the best summer camps lakeland fl?

baseball summer camp, summer camp, lakeland, fl, floridaOur kids summer camps Lakeland allows you as a parent to have the flexibility you need to go to work over the summer and allows our talented and fun staff to look after your children. It will ensure your kids are well cared for and kept engaged over the summer break. Tons of useful activities—like self defense classes that teach them practical ways to gain self confidence and get plenty of exercise.

a family martial arts summer camps Lakeland fl

Ssummer camps lakealnd, martial arts, kung fu summer camp, summer camp kung fu, lakeland, florida, fl, ince most children have the summer off, all that free time can lead them into gaining weight, video games, endless hours of television and lack of educational and social interaction.  At Sifu Och Wing Chun we keep our activities as interesting and engaging as possible to make sure that the children are always entertained. Whether they are taking part in a physical activity such as martial arts or learning a new language. Our specially designed lakeland summer camp courses has something that everyone will enjoy.

experience something new, while building discipline

fun summer, summer camp, lakeland, lakeland summer camp, florida, flFrom beginners to repeat students, kids who take part in our Sifu Och Wing Chun summer camp martial arts program can be sure they’ll have lots of fun and learn valuable life skills in the process. Take part in a program that combines so many opportunities to explore and impressive life skills.  With so much of what Downtown Lakeland and the surrounding areas have to offer. Here we have some of the amazing programs that your children can take part in

Field Trips summer camps Lakeland

martial art summer camp lakealnd fl wing chun kung fuWe provide field trips from swimming, basketball, soccer, bowling but we do much more than that. Bringing the kids summer camps lakeland to Medieval Times, Wonder Works and even the Florida Aquarium. We love sharing the experience of different aspects and wonders around florida with the children that come to our summer camp here in downtown lakealnd florida.  We look forward to uplifting every child every summer, and continue their experience over the school year through our martial arts and after school pickup programs.


summer camps lakeland martial-arts-summer-camp-lakeland-fl-wing-chun-kung-fuThousands of children join summer camps in Lakeland Florida every year, and many of them find their way to our program. It’s not uncommon for our kids to come home nice and tired after all the fun they have. With our Sifu Och Wing Chun and Just Dance fine arts Summer Camp, you can make sure your child reserves a spot and has an event-packed summer camp by signing up today!

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