Kids Martial Arts in Lakeland Florida

If you’re looking to find kids martial arts in Lakeland Florida and learn ANTI-BULLY self defense there’s no better place for your kids to develop valuable life skills like discipline, character, and self-control (and pick up some helpful self-defense techniques!) than our program.

lakeland kids martial arts, martial arts kids, lakeland, florida, fl, sifu och wing chun, kung fu kids, kids kung fu, lakeland martial artsSifu Och Wing Chun Kids Martial Arts Program Features

  • Anti-bully techniques and kids self defense
  • Ip Man Wing Chun Southern Kung fu, Kickboxing, Karate
  • Incorporates kickboxing, kung fu, self defense
  • Teaches the importance of chores, school, and home respect
  • Boost confidence and self esteem
  • New and increased levels of focus

Kids Martial Arts builds confidence

kids martial arts, lakeland, florida, fl, martial arts, kids, martial arts classes, afterschool, after school, lakeland after school programSifu Och Wing Chun runs a kids martial arts program unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The program is taught personally by internationally-trained Wing Chun kung fu instructor Sifu Justin Och.

kids kung fu, kung fu kids, lakeland kids martial arts, martial arts kids, lakeland, florida, fl, aferschool, after school We don’t want you to buy sparring gear within your first year, we want your child to learn to think. We’ll teach them how to deescalate situations, and how to keep themselves protected if they’re ever attacked. Training and attention from a Master instructor who understands both his craft and the keys to providing a disciplined, fun environment. The Sifu Och  kids martial arts program teaches critical life skills while providing plenty of exercise and boosting each child’s confidence and self-esteem. Our kids martial arts program and classes are available for young adults ages four and half to twelve years. We also have teen / adult classes for 13 years and up.

want kids martial arts, but don’t need afterschool pickup

lakeland after school, after school lakeland, afterschool, after school, lakeland, florida, fl, wing chun, kung fu, lakeland afterschool pickup, afterschool pickup program, afterschool pickup lakeland flWant martial arts for your child, but don’t need after school pickup, this program is best for you!  Our kids martial arts program is simple, and designed for parents who may not need a full after school program.  You can simply drop off your kids (call for a specific schedule) and they can get a full hour of training from Sifu Justin Och.  Our classes are disciplined, orderly, and each student is allowed to learn at their own pace while the entire class is encouraged to work together as a group to achieve their goals.

Kids Anti-bully self defense

kids classes Sifu Och trainingWe’ll teach your kids valuable life skills as well as anti-bully tactics—all while building their confidence and self esteem.

No matter what age your child, or what type of training (if any) they’ve had in the past, Sifu Och Wing Chun’s kids martial arts program in Lakeland Florida can help. Our program is ideal for parents and kids who want to safely learn the fun, focus, and discipline of the martial arts. Monthly testing is typically done on the first Friday of each month to help each student monitor and get excited about their progress.

Your child has unlimited potential, with your help we will instill a “Never give in, Never give up attitude that will take them far in life”.

Kids Discipline and Personal Protection

lakeland kids martial arts, martial arts, kids, martial art kids, kids classes, kids martial arts, lakeland, florida, flOur classes don’t create bullies, they create confident kids that exhibit increased focus and determination. Behind the Wing Chun kids martial arts program is the principle of personal protection. Through our kids Wing Chun martial arts classes, your child will learn how to think through situations instead of using their fists first.

Our kids after school martial arts classes also teach our kids how to protect themselves from strangers and people who might target them for kidnapping. We want all our children to be as protected, responsible, and happy as they can be.

Sifu Och Wing Chun—the Right Choice!

sifu och, sifu och wing chun, kung fu, martial arts, kids, kids martial arts, martial arts kids, afterschool program, We know that there are numerous kids martial arts classes in Lakeland Florida but Sifu Och Wing Chun are unlike any of them. First, we have Sifu Och himself teaching your children—
not a bunch of older kids or underlings. Second, we tech them skills that can transfer right into our adult classes, allowing them to seamlessly make the move from teen student to adult practitioner without missing a step. In fact, we’re teaching your kids the very same techniques that we teach our adult Wing Chun students, just customized to be a better fit for their age, development level, and physical abilities. Finally, we teach skills that last a lifetime. Your kids will have loads of fun, but they’ll leave every day with a better sense of respect, commitment, and the value of hard work.

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