Kids Martial Arts Classes

kids classes trainingIf you’re looking to find kids martial arts classes in Lakeland Florida, there’s no better place for your kids to develop valuable life skills like discipline, character, and self-control than our program. Whether you’re looking for a kids martial arts program or something else for your children, Sifu Och Wing Chun runs a program unlike any other. The program is taught personally by internationally-trained Wing Chun kung fu instructor, Sifu Justin Och so your child gets personal attention from a practitioner who understands both his craft and the keys to providing a disciplined, fun environment. The Sifu Och kids martial arts program teaches critical life skills while providing plenty of exercise and boosting each child’s confidence and self-esteem. | Get more information on our Kids Martial Arts Classes

Kids After School Program

lakeland after school martial arts programThe Wing Chun martial arts after school programs also offers after school art programs in Lakeland, theatrical theatre performance and child etiquette. Our After school martial arts program teaches a multitude of classes which allows kids to choose one location to get the martial arts as well as the arts. With our After School pickup and drop off program your child is placed in a school that seeks to uplift and enrich them at every turn. Your child is not another number, we pride ourselves on teaching and educating kids and adults in the rare southern kung fu system of Wing Chun Kung Fu under the Ip Man Lineage. Your child will also learn the black belt techniques from Karate and Taekwondo as well as skills in Jiujitsu, Boxing, and Judo. Our classes teach focus through encouragement, fun and discipline. | Get more information on our Kids After School Program

Kids Summer Camps

summer camp martial artsIf best summer camp in lakealnd fl, best summer camp in lakeland florida, best summer camp, lakeland, fl, florida, sifu och wing chun, kung fuyou are looking for kids summer camps in Lakeland Florida then you have a wide array of opportunities to choose from. There are so many summer camps to choose from, deciding which is the best may be the toughest part for you and your child. There is a big difference between what each summer camps offer and provide. Sifu Och Wing Chun Kung Fu has teamed up with Just Dance Studios to offer an unforgettable experience to children of all ages. With our unique location and highly qualified instructors you can be sure your child is in a safe and educational environment. As the summer season approaches, you may be considering sending your children to an action packed summer camp where they can experience a whole range of activities. | Get more information on Kids Summer Camps

Kids Holiday Day Camps

kids holiday day camps zooWhen you typically have your kids in school, holidays, teacher work days, and other school closings can affect your ability to earn a living. Sifu Och Wing Chun’s Lakeland holiday day camps program provides a place where your children can learn valuable skills while helping your scheduling needs. Our holiday day camps program is already part of our Lakeland after school martial arts program, but you can also block out days of the year so that you’re all set when the schedule shifts and you need someone to care for your kids during those non-school days. If you live in Lakeland, Florida there’s no better place for your kids to learn discipline, participate in character-building programs, and pick up some helpful self-defense techniques while being well cared for by a professional team of instructors and teachers. | Get more information on Kids Holiday Day Camps