SiFu Justin Och – Chief Wing Chun Instructor

SiFu Justin Och – Chief Wing Chun Instructor

Sifu Justin Och Biography

Sifu Justin Och has spent his life training and advancing students in the Wing Chun Kung Fu system here in Lakeland Florida. 

Direct Ip Man lineage instruction under the Ip Ching, Ip Chun, Simon Lau and Moy Yat system. Current travels to Europe and Asia expanding on Wong Shun Leung lineage fighting techiniques.Sifu Justin Och brings a wealth of information, knowledge, fighting applications, and details from years of training.  Certified by multiple lineages of the highest rank Black and Gold sash.  Training and travels from all over USA, England, Denmark, Switzerland, France, Germany and Italy.

  • Certified Wing Chun Sifu under two different Masters
  • Direct Ip Man instruction (Ip Ching, Ip Chun, Simon Lau, Moy Yat lineage)
  • World Traveled and Trained Wing Chun
  • Trains and travels to Wing Chun Master’s from all over the World
  • Honorary PHD Doctorate in Philosophy Award 
  • Christian Martial Arts Leader of the Year
  • International Wing Chun Leadership Award
  • International Chinese Martial Arts Competition
  • Gold & Silver in Advanced Wing Chun Forms, Weapons, Chi Sau
  • Certified Advanced Herbologist, iridologist, applied kinesiologist, nutritional specialist
  • USA International Martial Arts Association Hall of Fame awardee 2009-2013 

Sifu Justin Och has trained for years under these Masters and Grandmasters from these lineages, achieving Black and Gold sash under the Ip Ching, Ip Chun, Simon Lau lineages and has traveled across the USA and Europe seeking the skill, knowledge and combative capabilities of the Wong Shun Leung lineage.  Sifu Justin Och strives for the fighting skill, development and understanding of the late Great Grandmaster Ip Man. 

I want to help every student that comes to me achieve their best, their full potential.  There is more than a lifetime of achievement that can be gained through this amazing system.  Wing Chun is a personal strive, the belt does not matter it is the time, dedication, effort and all the people you help grow along the way.  Wing Chun truly is the journey not just the destination. – Sifu Justin Och


In-Depth Sifu Justin Och Biography

Travels, Training, Achievements and Friends

Below you will find just some of Sifu Justin Och’s travels and  some of the great friends, Wing Chun practitioners, Masters and Grandmasters that have spent their lives dedicated to the pursuit of Wing Chun.  Knowledge unlike many things in life stays with us forever and the value those men and women who wish to further the system are among the greatest values and life goals.  Those willing to share their knowledge and skill to make you better. 

We are never so good at anything that we can not open our hearts and minds to those around us in friendship and brotherhood. 

CHRISTIAN SHINJA MARTIAL ARTS UNIVERSITY – 2013 Justin Och received the Christian Martial Arts Leader of the Year and “Christian Wing Chun Sifu of the Year” and is inducted as a Lifetime member of the Christian Shinja martial arts university.  

INTERNATIONAL WING CHUN LEADERSHIP AWARD - E.U.S.A.I.M.A.A HALL of Fame, USA – 2013 He was presented with this award for leading the way in international training abroad and opening the lines between different wing chun lineage understanding.  He was nominated by Grandmaster John Kanzler President and Soke of this organization.

2013 Justin Och and a few of his students attended the Orlando, Florida and Las Vegas, Nevada ICMAC competitions.  One of the largest competitions Internationally for all styles of Chinese martial arts and Kung Fu.  Sifu Justin came back with Gold and Silver in multiple advanced divisions;

  • Gold metals (FL & NV) 1st place in Advanced Wing Chun Forms
  • Gold and Silver metals 1st place in Advanced Wing Chun Weapons
  • Silver metals (FL & NV) 2nd place in Advanced Wing Chun Chi Sau

All of his students were awarded metals

  • 1st place Gold for Full contact fighting San Da
  • Multiple Gold and Silver metals in continuous sparring
  • Multiple Gold and Silver metals in forms, and wing chun kung fu weapons
David Peterson Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun Kung Fu Academy

Justin Och, Jason Gowan, John Smith, David Peterson Ving Tsun

DAVID PETERSON WSL VING TSUN – 2013 – David Peterson is a wealth of knowledge, details, fun times and powerful structural techniques.  Producing combative Wing Chun practitioners where ever he goes.  

Sifu Justin Och traveled to London England, Odense Denmark, and Manchester England to participate in all of the David Peterson Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun seminars, seminars, training and fighting applications.  David Peterson has a refreshing approach and attitude about the advancement of the Wing Chun system.  His approach takes the details of each and every section, form and purpose behind each technique, drill and strike.  His instructors are open, welcoming and honest wanting those that have real dedication and perseverance to get what they have to offer.   Detail oriented and filled with friends from every walk of life and every lineage. Mr. Peterson is from Malaysia but travelled to provide these amazing seminars.  You may start your journey with research, or even look at David Peterson’s dvd’s but this doesn’t come close to the information he and his instructors and classes have to offer. There are details that are deep within the forms, chi sau, single hand chi sau and quick combat close range fighting.

David Peterson WSL Ving Tsun seeks to improve the understanding, details and applications of every wing chun kung fu practitioner. I would highly recommend training with his Wong Shun Leung instructors. They take their training seriously but are amazingly fun guys to hang around with, a family that wants you to truly understand Wing Chun.

“To educate, support, and provide safety for those seeking self defense, protection for their families and greater confidence and well being.  Wing Chun is a International proven self defense system. I have made it my life goal to advance the the skills, training, power, confidence and understand of this amazing system. Those willing to put in the dedication will find speed, power and great friendships.”  Sifu Justin Och

Grandmaster John Kanzler and Sifu Justin Och

Grandmaster John Kanzler and Sifu Justin Och

PHD DOCTORATE IN PHILOSOPHY – E.U.S.A.I.M.A.A HALL of Fame, USA – 2012 Sifu Och was presented by Grandmaster John Kanzler President of the USA Black Belt hall of fame the Honorary PHD Doctorate of Philosophy within the Martial Arts.  After an extensive process of research, an extensive dissertation, years of international travel and training received this Honorary award.  According to John Kanzler this award program rejects upwards of 93% of the individuals that apply and is said to be awarded to only 7% of the applicants that have been submitted through the E.U.S.A.I.M.A.A. Hall of Fame.  In 2012, Sifu Justin Och became the youngest individual to ever achieve this honored award. Sifu Justin Och has not chosen to use this honorary title of Doctor, though it is a great symbol of martial dedication.

EASTERN U.S.A. INTERNATIONAL BLACK BELT HALL OF FAME, PITTSBURG, USA – 2012 Lakeland Fl Kung Fu’s, Sifu Justin Och puts on a Wing Chun Kung Fu Chi Sau and Full three on one combat demonstration and seminar for Grandmasters and Master’s from all over the World at the E.U.S.A.I.M.A.A., or Eastern U.S.A. International Martial Arts Association Global Leadership Conference.  Always looking to improve the combat of his students and those from all over the World Sifu Justin Och’s Lakeland Kung Fu studio is internationally recognized as a one of the great Leader’s in advanced training.

sifu justin och, grandmaster-philipp-bayer-germany-wong-shun-leung-ving tsun wing chun-sifu justin och

Grandmaster Philipp Bayer and Sifu Och
Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun – Germany

GRANDMASTER PHILIPP BAYER - 2012 With huge respect to Philipp Bayer, this man is a force of speed, knowledge and dynamic power in Wing Chun fighting.   

Sifu Justin Och travels to Zurich, Switzerland to attend a Wing Chun Kung Fu Seminar held by the Wong Shun Leung Grandmaster Philipp Bayer in who is stationed out of Germany.  Grandmaster Philipp Bayer is a proven fighter and Wing Chun Kung Fu Grandmaster and his street application and fighting abilities are easily evident.  Sifu Justin Och flew in and attended the Basel, Switzerland powerhouse three to four day seminar with over fifteen hours of training with Grandmaster Philipp Bayer and his instructors such as Master Gery Cahenzli, Master Daniel Engelberger, Instructor Gökhan Bakir as well as other instructors and Wong Shun Leung students attending.  Anyone fortunate enough to travel and be apart of one of these seminars under Grandmaster Philipp Bayer will call themselves lucky.  Grandmaster Philipp Bayer was a very open man who welcomed Chi Sau or sparring with anyone. 

Master Gery Cahenzli and Sifu Justin Och Black Dragon Ving Tsun, Zurich, Switzerland

Master Gery Cahenzli and Sifu Justin Och
Black Dragon Ving Tsun, Zurich, Switzerland

Willing to test and demonstrate the power and extreme confidence he has in the Ving Tsun system all with a smile on his face.  I was fortunate enough to become friends with one of Grandmaster Philipp Bayers best (Master Gery Cahenzli) out of the Black Dragon Ving Tsun/Wing Chun academy in Luzern and Zurich.  Master Gery Cahenzli is a man with a background in fighting, a previous Hell’s Angel who respects and knows real fighting, he came to Ving Tsun (also known as Wing Chun) under the instruction of Grandmaster Philipp Bayer over 20 years ago.  Master Gery Cahenzli didn’t believe it a year ago when Sifu Justin Och said he would be back since they had only met for an hour, but was happy to receive him.  Master Gery Cahenzli has a fighting mindset, he wants his students to learn the real street applications and get good. Sifu Justin Och continued his training with Grandmaster Philipp Bayers Master Gery Cahenzli out of the Black Dragon Ving Tsun (Wing Chun) academy in Luzern and Zurich. 


WSL instructor Gökhan Bakir under Gery Cahenzli

Any question asked were welcomed and wanted whether Gery Cahenzli had the answer or not he was always open and honest.  He follows the teachings of his Grandmaster Philipp Bayer and gives respect and honor to Grandmaster Philipp Bayer and all those he teaches in and out of his school. The Wong Shun Leung System under these instructors is an extremely powerful fighting art with its mind constantly on the entire “applicable” concepts of the system Ving Tsun.  Master Gery Cahenzli invited me to live and stay in his house for three weeks as we went back and forth from his school in Zurich and Luzern.  During this entire time in Zurich and Luzern, Switzerland I trained daily in private lessons and group classes only taking a brief break to take a train into Paris, France.  Even though we had only met for one hour over a year before this, he invited me into his house, cooked me lunch and dinner and even gave me a key to his school for the time I was their.  This is not something typical that any Master would do or even had to do but Master Gery Cahenzli said he watched me act, react, spar and from knowing me last year to this he had a feeling about me and had the time and space to give, so why not.  Though I paid him for his time, housing and food Master Gery Cahenzli opened up more than just his home, family and school he opened a friendship and a respect that I hope to have and keep for many many years.  Master Gery Cahenzli is a  extremely courteous, open, friendly and welcoming instructor. He, Gökhan Bakir and the other students helped train me in the Philipp Bayer Wong Shun Leung System while I was there.  Master Gery Cahenzli really wants you to learn the entire system anyone who is willing to travel or within the Zurich / Luzern Switzerland Area should train with this great Ving Tsun Instructor.


Didder William Chueng Wing Chun Paris France Justin Och

PARIS, FRANCE WING CHUN – 2012 while training in Switzerland Sifu Justin Och took a train into Paris, France where he met up with Sifu Didder Beddar who is a friendly Wing Chun Kung Fu and Brazilian Jiujitsu Instructor under Gracie BJJ Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and William Chueng Wing Chun. Sifu Didder Beddar incorporates the fast hand striking of Wing Chun with the powerful ground applications of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.  Over the days I stayed in Paris, France Sifu Didder Beddar and his instructors welcomed me into their school and I thank them for their friendship.  On the last day Sifu Didder Beddar gave Sifu Justin Och a parting gift, a DVD on Sifu Didder Beddar’s aspects within the Wing Chun system. 

“I have had the fortune and honor of training with so  many welcoming Wing Chun practitioners, Master’s and Grandmaster’s within Wing Chun.  It is truly remarkable how you can walk into a Wing Chun school a country away from your home and be welcomed as a long awaited close friend and practitioner.  These Wing Chun practitioners and instructors have sought out to help, befriend and invite me into their homes, their lives, their families.

Each and every part of them that they cherish they have shared with me and I am so happy to call them brothers, friends and extended family.  It has been my dream to learn everything I can and each of these men and women have done so with open hearts, minds and with no thought to anything more then friendship.”  – Sifu Justin Och


Sifu Justin Och and Sifu Thomas Baldwin

CHICAGO, USA – 2012 Sifu Justin Och travelled to Chicago and visited Sifu Thomas Baldwin who is a 20+ practitioner in the Ip Man Wing Chun system under Grandmaster Steve Lee Swift who’s lineage base is under Simon Lau, Ip Ching, Ip Chun and briefly under Wong Shun Leung.  Sifu Thomas Baldwin is an old friend and great instructor in the Wing Chun Kung Fu system out of Chicago.  Sifu Thomas Baldwin is an old training partner who now trains pro-athletes, actors, fighters, business professionals, and fitness instructors located all over the U.S.A..  A Chicago native and proponent for an extremely healthy lifestyle Sifu Thomas Baldwin teaches internal and external balance within life.  Growing up knowing how hard the streets are, Sifu Thomas Baldwin found focus and direction in Wing Chun with its calming and reactive nature he now trains and educates high end clients on a referral bases.

Sifu Rome's Hung Gar Kung Fu Academy sifu Justin och

Sifu Rome’s Hung Gar Kung Fu and Sifu Och

PITTSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA - 2011 E.U.S.A.I.M.A.A., or Eastern U.S.A. International Martial Arts Association Global Leadership Conference. Sifu Justin Och had the opportunity to speak with Grandmaster John C. Kanzler president of the E.U.S.A.I.M.A.A., and from Saint Petersburg Florida council member and Grandmaster Micheal Kinney, PhD USA Karate Association, Master George Somersall one of the best Hapkido practitioners I have ever seen, Grandmaster Phil Davis, PhD Hardcore Original Okinawa Karate, this martial art conference in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania USA was the 24th Annual Global Leadership Conference. Sifu Och not train under these men but rather each welcomed the other with respect as practitioners within the martial arts.



Grandmaster Micheal Kinney karate st. petersburg florida and sifu justin och wing chun kung fu

EASTERN INTERNATIONAL U.S.A. BLACK BELT HALL OF FAME - 2011 Sifu Och and his ranked instructors travelled to Pittsburg to attend the Eastern International U.S.A. Black Belt Hall of Fame.  Where they were invited by the President Grandmaster John Kanzler to put on a Wing Chun seminar and demonstration for the hundreds of Masters and Grandmasters attending.  Sifu Justin Och welcomed this opportunity to show Wing Chun to these international instructors from all over the World.  The seminar included a fierce demonstration of Wing Chun against roundhouses, rapid hooks, front kicks, jabs, uppercuts, and spinning backfists.  Sifu Och’s seminar included the active combat and demonstration of effective and direct counter-attacks to these techniques.  During this he also taught these instructors a few combinations against varying attacks using Wing Chun.  

King Eric of Art In Motion Karate Sifu Justin Och

King Eric of Art In Motion Karate Sifu Justin Och

Before the seminar was at a close Sifu Och was asked by the President to do another seminar in the following year.  Counsel members, Masters and Grandmasters from all over the World came up after saying it was one of the most effective street fighting seminars they have had.  Grandmaster Michael Kinney (shown at top right) approached Sifu Justin Och after the seminar with friendship and a gift.  He placed a patch in Sifu Och’s hand and held it, saying “before you take this know that I almost never give this to anyone unless I believe they are a exceptional fighter and a person with the highest respect and honor. After watching you today and hearing from Dr. Don McNatt I know you are both.”  Each year Grandmaster Michael Kinney puts on a seminar that empowers the youth and adults with proper knowledge and instruction. His seminars bring the thought to instructors all over the world “does your young black belts have the ability to defend themselves against an adult in anything practical? If not why are they black belts?”  Grandmaster Michael Kinney is a friend and veteran practitioner of the combat fighting arts and I am happy to know him.


Sifu Justin Och and Sifu Rod Louisville Kentucky

LOUISVILLE KENTUCKY - 2011 Sifu Justin Och travels to Louisville Kentucky where he meets Sifu Rod of the Louisville Kentucky Wing Tsun Kung Fu Centre, a friendly and great Sifu that has trained under Emin Bostepe, Ling Ting & Allen Fong over his long Wing Chun Kung Fu career.  Training individuals in the Louisville Kentucky area in both private lessons, group classes in all levels of understanding and self defense. 

PEACE RIVER – CHARITY - 2011 Sifu Justin Och was also awarded in 2011 “Certificate of Appreciation” for his charity work with the Peace River Center; a non-for profit women’s and children’s batterment shelter that works with women and children’s safety, domestic violence, rape, batterment, verbal and psychological abuse.  From 2006 to present day Sifu Justin Och has had bi-monthly open house, public seminars, free women’s self defense seminars, community awareness meetings all to increase the self defense of anyone who may want or need it.  Whether you are in Polk County or any surrounding districts Sifu Och has and wants you and your family in a state of better health, awareness and heightened protection. Chun Kung Fu career. 


Sifu Riaz Ip Chun Wing Chun London England

LONDON, ENGLAND - 2011 While on his trip in London England Sifu Och visited the Simon Lau Wing Chun school, did private training with Ip Chun and Ip Ching Instructor Riaz Hossenbux (Sifu Riaz).  Sifu Raiz Hossenbux welcomed Sifu Justin Och into his home, showing him both family and school training grounds.  Sifu Raiz Hossenbux training and focus in Wing Chun is the relaxation to tension power and speed that comes from detailed Wing Chun under the Ip Ching and Ip Chun system.  

Samuel Kwok suggested via email two people under his instruction Dan Knight and Sifu Leo Au Yeung.  Sifu Justin Och took a train to see and train in the Wing Chun group class training with Samuel Kwok Instructor Dan Knight.   



Master Desmond Spencer WSL Philipp Bayer

Sifu Justin Och also trained with Master Desmond Spencer (of the Wong Shun Leung Lineage under Grandmaster Philipp Bayer) and a few of his students which really opened his eyes to different drills, avenues and ways of using Wing Chun.

Master Desmond Spencer from London England always has a smile on his face and is so excited about Ving Tsun you can not help but get excited yourself!  Master Desmond Spencer and his students welcomed me to each of their classes and wanted to teach and help me in anyway they could.  Truly opening the Ving Tsun door and world of the Wong Shun Leung system with a smile. Training under the Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun Kung Fu system and passing along this passion and fierce education to each of his London England students. 


Samuel Kwok Wing Chun Dan Knight

Master Desmond Spencer has the passion and the knowledge to take any level practitioner to whole new levels.  He is blessed with a warm heart and powerful fighting application. 

With much respect to these great and welcoming instructors in Europe, Sifu Justin Och thanks each one for their open hearts and minds. Sifu Justin Och believes that only through understanding the full art of Wing Chun can one truly excel in achieving the full potential behind this amazing martial art.  Making friends from various lineages within the Wing Chun Kung Fu system.




Master Leo Au Yeung, Wing Chun Kung Fu Fight Choreographer for the Ip Man Movies

MASTER LEO AU YEUNG- LONDON, ENGLAND - 2011  Sifu Justin Och travelled to London, England and had group classes and many personal private lessons with Master Sifu Leo Au Yeung while in London England.  Sifu Leo Au Yeung was the fight coordinator for the ‘Ip Man Movie’ abd a instructor under Ip Ching, Ip Chun and Samuel Kwok who personally recommended him.  Master Leo Au Yeung was extremely friendly and helpful even going to the extent of picking Sifu Och up from the Airport and finding him a hotel.  Always welcoming Master Leo Au Yeung’s approach to Wing Chun is a relaxed soft style martial art that is very quick to respond and react with power and structure.  On the last day Master Leo Au Yeung had Sifu Justin Och test his skills in Chi Sau and Wrist Sparring one last time before leaving against one of his advanced level chinese students.  After which Master Leo Au Yeung spoke to Sifu Justin Och aside and congratulated him on his ability and skills to use his Wing Chun Kung Fu in a real life combative situation. Master Leo Au Yeung gave a gift to Sifu Justin Och before he left, two pieces from the Ip Man movie that were only handed to cast and crew members.   Sifu Och considers Master Leo Au Yeung a friend and great teacher and looks forward to the next time he is in London, England.  



BASEL, SWITZERLAND - 2011 Sifu Och started traveling to Wing Chun Kung Fu schools across London, Switzerland, passing through Italy and Germany with Europe.  Sifu Justin Och first visit to Switzerland landed him in Basel, Switzerland and he was able to visit Sifu Daniel Engelberger for a brief introduction to the WSL Philipp Bayer Wong Shun Leung lineage and School.  

Later he touched hands in Chi Sau with Nic Carter a 20 year vetern from the Wong Shun Leung  (WSL) lineage.  Nic Carter is a extremely well versed and great Master just touching hands you can feel the rooting, structure and power this man has built within him.  Nic Carter suggested his friend Sifu Daniel Schaufelberger who he said was even better then himself and use to train with Sifu Daniel Engelberger from the Wong Shun Leung (WSL) lineage.


Nic Carter 27 year WSL wong shun leung lineage under philipp bayer and Sifu Justin Och

Master Nic Carter brought Sifu Justin Och to the Basel, Switzerland school of Ving Tsun under Sifu Sabine Schmutz under the Wong Shun Leung (WSL) lineage and Sifu Daniel Schaufelberger under the Barry Lee and Wong Shun Leung (WSL) Lineage.  After speaking with both of them and being introduced Sifu Justin Och was able to pay and train for several hours of private training with Sifu Daniel Schaufelberger in the basement training grounds of their Ving Tsun Kwoon in Basel, Switzerland.  Sifu Daniel Schaufelberger had met and trained with Wong Shun Leung directly at seminars and other events and talked and demonstrated Wong Shun Leung’s kicks, form, theories, drills and applications. Sifu Daniel Schaufelberger even allowed Sifu Och to tape and record him doing these drills before he left.


Sifu Daniel Schaufelberger and Sifu Sabine Schmutz

Sifu Justin Och also met up with Sifu Daniel Schaufelberger under Barry Lee & Wong Shun Leung and Sifu Sabine Schmutz, Basel Switzerland Ving Tsun Kung Fu. As they are both teaching out of one location in Basel Switzerland. 

On the last day before Sifu Och left to come back to the U.S. he was able to visit with Master Gery Cahenzli from Luzern and Zurich Switzerland under Grandmaster Philipp Bayer of the Wong Shun Leung (WSL) lineage. Justin Och scheduled a private lesson with Master Gery Cahenzli and took 1.5+ hour train to reach him.  Within this hour Master Gery Cahenzli showed his power, ability and capabilities within the Ving Tsun (Wing Chun) system.   A strong demonstration of Wong Shun Leung rooting, Chi Sau and dynamic striking and control all with a smile on both Master Gery Cahenzli and Sifu Justin Och’s face.  I knew I would want to make plans to come back and train here again and one year later I did exactly that.


Zurich Switzerland wing chun Mike Felder martial arts Ho Man Kam nephew of Ip Man

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND Wing Chun - 2011 I was able to get together with practitioners from the powerful Wong Shun Leung System of fighting and Individuals that trained directly with the family members of Ip Man including his sons (Ip Ching and Ip Chun) and even visited instructors from the Lo Man Kam Lineage.  While in Switzerland Sifu Och took a train into Zurich to one such instructor and visited with Sifu Mike Felder of the Lo Man Kam lineage in Zurich Switzerland. Sifu Mike Felder showed detailed knowledge of the Wooden Dummy and demonstrated some differences in Chi Sau and lineage line fighting applications.  Lo Man Kam was the maternal nephew of Grandmaster Ip Man and was one of the first three students that Ip Man took in for Wing Chun training.  Lo Man Kam is known as a integrated and proactive approach to Wing Chun.



Sifu Justin Och and Sifu Cornelia Lenzin under the Wan Kam Leung and Leung Ting lineange instructor

WING CHUN SWITZERLAND - 2011 Sifu Cornelia Lenzin, a twelve year female Wing Chun instructor under the Leung Ting with her own school and students now trains under the Wan Kam Leung lineage out of China.  She makes yearly trips back and forth to China to gain more and more information through private and group class training.  Sifu Cornelia Lenzin welcomed Sifu Justin Och down to her Ving Tsun Kung Fu school and demonstrated the forms and combinations unique to her lineage and training. Sifu Cornelia even went as far as showing some of the differences in what she was trained in under her twelve years in the Leung Ting system and what she is now doing in the Wan Kam Leung system out of China.  Both sharing knowledge and information about each other’s styles and unique differences.

ADVANCED HERBOLOGY & IRIDOLOGY - 2010 With a Bachelors in Science/Computer Visual Technology Sifu Justin Och sought out a Masters in Alternative Medicine.  After almost 2 years interning 3-4 days a week 8-10 hours a day under Dr. Nelson Rios a Master Herbology, Iridologist, Microscopist, and Alternative Medicine Doctor, classes with Regan University and the International Holistic Institute, Sifu Justin Och achieves his Advanced Natural Health certifications in Advanced Herbology, Advanced Iridology, and Nutritional Health.

Sifu Justin Och and Dr. Don McNatt Shotokan Karate Grandmaster

Sifu Justin Och and Dr. Don McNatt Shotokan Karate Grandmaster

EASTERN INTERNATIONAL U.S.A. BLACK BELT HALL OF FAME -  2010 It should be stated that you can not apply, be self-nominated or pay to get into the Eastern U.S.A. International Black Belt Hall of Fame you can only be sponsored by a  high standing member that requests your skills and achievements be assessed by the council of the Eastern U.S.A. International Black Belt Hall of Fame.  If the council reviews and approves the sponsors request then you are inducted but evey year the council retains the right to remove you from the Eastern U.S.A. International Black Belt Hall of Fame if they find that your skills or achievements are not Hall of Fame material. Grandmaster Dr. Don McNatt entered and joined Sifu Och’s school never telling Sifu Justin Och about his 60 year Shotokan background under Sensei Fumio Nagaoka, Sensei Hitoshi Akiyama, M. Nakayama, personal friends with K. Enoeda, Y. Yaguchi, T. Mikami, H. Shirai and Captain of the first foreigners 1963 team at the All Japan Karate Championship Tokyo Tournament.  After a year Grandmaster Dr. Don McNatt told Sifu Justin Och who he was and that he had been watching him closely and saw Justin Och’s speed and fighting within the school as well as how he teaches and cares for his students and wanted to sponsor him into the Eastern USA International Black Belt Hall of Fame.  Sifu Justin Och was awarded the Inspirational Leadership in Combative Wing Chun Kung Fu from the Eastern USA International Black Belt Hall of Fame for his constant stive towards the combative nature, protection and fighting concepts and capabilities of Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu style. Sifu Och’s constant strive to know more and instill this protection in others around him gained him this prestigious award.


Sifu Samuel Harris of the Moy Yat system in Washington DC MD USA, and Sifu Justin Och

WASHINGTON DC, MD WING CHUN USA - 2010 Sifu Justin Och flew to Washington, DC MD USA on vacation and took a trip  visit and make friends with Sifu Samuel Harris Wing Chun Kung Fu School under the Moy Yat Lineage.  Sifu Justin Och was only able to spend some brief time with Sifu Samuel Harris.  Though Sifu Samuel Harris was a wealth of technical knowledge and historical information on the Wing Chun Kung Fu system. 

“Sifu Samuel Harris he is a wealth of historical knowledge on the Wing Chun Kung Fu system. I could listen to Sifu Samuel Harris speak about Wing Chun for hours and never get bored


EASTERN U.S.A. INTERNATIONAL BLACK BELT HALL OF FAME – 2009 Sifu Justin Och is awarded National Instructor of the Year by the Eastern U.S.A. International Black Belt Hall of Fame which held its annual meeting in Pittsburgh.  For his work within the Polk County Community of Florida and his in-depth student development curriculum that to this day has taken over 6 years to design and is constantly being improved.  Keeping the purity of Wing Chun Kung Fu while constantly finding new ways of teaching and educating students to gain a higher and higher understanding and skill of the art Wing Chun Kung Fu.

“The art of Wing Chun does not change, but the way we teach it has a thousand ways and angles to get to the student, as teachers we are always seeking the best way to make our students stronger, better, faster and more knowledgeable practitioners of this amazing Ip Man wing chun style” – Sifu Och

ADVANCED HERBOLOGY, IRIDOLOGY, ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE 2009 - Sifu Justin Och starts his  Alternative Medicine internship under Master Dr. Nelson Rios who is a Master Herbologist, Master Iridologist, Nutritional Specialist and Applied Kinesiology.  Traveling to Kissimmee, Florida and training 3-4 days a week 8-9 hours a day.  This internship of understanding, mentoring and instruction under Master Dr. Nelson Rios would last for over a year and a half.  During this time Sifu Justin Och also takes courses at the Regan University and the International Holistic Institute for Natural Medicine and Herbology.

Master Dr. Nelson Rios and Sifu Justin Och

Master Dr. Nelson Rios and Sifu Justin Och

BLACK & GOLD SASH – under Master Dr. Nelson Rios 2009 -

Ip Man = Moy Yat + Jacky Tsang + Grandmaster Swift + Ip Chun + Ip Ching = Master Dr. Nelson Rios = Sifu Justin Och achieves the 4th level Black and Gold sash under Master Dr. Nelson Rios (lineage; Moy Yat, Grandmaster Swift, Ip Ching, Ip Chun, and multiple instructors across Hong Kong and Macau China).  Master Dr. Nelson tested Justin Och in all of the following; Dragon Pole (long pole), Bart Chum Dao (wing chun butterfly swords), Dragon Pole fighting -vs- Dragon Pole, Bart Chum Dao Wing Chun Butterfly Swords fighting -vs- Dragon Pole.  All Chi Sau Combinations, Don Chi Sau (with fighting combinations), Bong Lop (with fighting combinations), Chi Gerk Sparring, Free Fighting and Sparring, Wrist -vs- Wrist, all three empty hand forms (Siu Nim Tau, Chum Kium, Biu Jee), Wooden Dummy Mook Jong Ip Man Form, Muk Yan Jong Free Style and Long Pole and Sword Forms.    Around this same time Sifu Och started training in chinese grappling & no-gi jiujitsu under Master Dr. Nelson Rios and briefly in no-gi jiujitsu under Beto Nunes (Beto Nunes is friend and a well respected 2nd degree Jiujitsu Black Belt in Gainsville, Florida). I am very thankful to all these great men & martial artists.

BLACK & GOLD SASH – under Grandmaster Swift 2009 -

Grandmaster Swift and Sifu Justin Och 4th level test

Grandmaster Swift and Sifu Justin Och at the final section of Sifu Justin Och’s 4th level test

Ip Man = Simon Lau + Ip Chun + Ip Ching = Grandmaster Steve Lee Swift = Sifu Justin Och achieves the highest level available in the Ip Man system under Grandmaster Steve Lee Swift (lineage; Simon Lau, Ip Ching, Ip Chun, Wong Shun Leung) Sifu Och achieves the Black & Gold Sash. Testing in the full system including Dragon Pole (long pole) form, Bart Chum Dao (wing chun butterfly swords) form, Dragon Pole fighting -vs- Dragon Pole, Bart Chum Dao Wing Chun Butterfly Swords fighting -vs- Dragon Pole. Tested in the full system prior included All Chi Sau Combinations, Don Chi Sau (with fighting combinations), Bong Lop (with fighting combinations), Chi Gerk Sparring, Free Fighting and Sparring, Wrist -vs- Wrist, all three empty hand forms (Siu Nim Tau, Chum Kium, Biu Jee), Wooden Dummy Mook Jong Ip Man Form, Muk Yan Jong Free Style and Long Pole and Sword Forms.  As time has passed contact has been lost with Grandmaster Swift but I will always remember my training fondly, with honor and admiration.

TAI CHI (Trained Privately) 2007 - Justin Och trained in privately under Grandmaster Lee of Chen Style Tai Chi who learned from the Chen Family in China.  Grandmaster Lee was also a previous Wing Chun instructor but was now strictly training the Chen Style of Fighting with Tai Chi.  This private training would continue for a year and a half until he had to move.  Grandmaster Lee opened Sifu Justin Och eyes to the benefits hidden meanings within the martial arts and that meanings are only hidden from those who don’t yet know or understand them.

grandmaster steve lee swift award sifu justin och

Grandmaster Sokeship Council Award Grandmaster Steve Lee Swift and Sifu Justin Och

ASSISTANT INSTRUCTOR of the Year AWARD 2005 - Sifu Justin Och was awarded Wing Chun Kung Fu Assistant Instructor of the Year by the “Grandmaster Sokeship Council” – Assistant Instructor under Grandmaster Steve Lee Swift.

BACHELOR’S Degree 2001 – Justin Och graduated Valedictorian with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Visual Technology and Science witha gpa of 3.98 from ITT Technical Institute

previous training to 2001 – Sifu Justin Och trains in Shotokan Karate, Kempo Karate, and Taekwondo eventually attaining a black belt.  Sifu Justin Och passion for the martial arts started when I was eight years old but was solidified when I was fourteen. Growing up I trained in Shotokan Karate, Kempo Karate and Taekwondo which I eventually attained a black belt in.  For years I practiced until the points of utter exhaustion to bring out the best I could from my Japanese and Korean martial arts training.  At fourteen, when a very drunk assailant saw me, rushed me and attacked he was throwing fist after fist as I fell back pressed against a wall.  I must have had some type of higher power around me because without thinking and to my amazement I started blocking all of the assailant’s attacks. Using the “star block system” as my old instructor called it I blocked and deflected each punch hearing them hit the wall behind my head.  The assailant eventually gave up and walked away cussing and swearing.  Though I never hit them back the fight was done.  On that day my training and insecurity met reality and my love for reality martial arts deepened.

grandmaster steve lee swift and sifu justin och student

grandmaster steve lee swift and sifu justin och student

Through high school and college I continued to train and got into several altercations that I tried to walk away from but became inevitable.  Each time I reacted differently and directly and for some reason my Japanese and Korean martial art training was not coming out but instead close range tactics that were reactions not associated with my current understanding of trained combat.  Looking back now I understand that what I was doing was know as Wing Chun chain punches, faak sau’s, paak sau strikes and low “shadow” kicks.  With all the training I had I wasn’t using it when I was within the fight.  At first I thought it was just about getting confident about wjat had been trained in within my old styles.  Though each school I went to after that didn’t train for real fighting but more flash.  Other schools made you wait until you were years into the system until you could learn something truly effective.  In 1999 and 2000 video sharing sites didn’t exist and in order to see a martial art or school you had to travel down and train. I eventually had more trial uniforms in my closet from all the schools I visited than I did my own clothes.

I started doing more research and kept coming back to Wing Chun, though it sounded to good to be practical.  I read about the trapping, the extremely fast hands, the structured footwork. I wanted a style that I didn’t have to feel I had to stretch for when the assailant attacked.  I wanted a style that I could use if I was in a weakened state from age or accident.  I wanted a style I could one day teach to keep women, children and men protected like I was able to so many years before.  A style that was scientifically based, used minimal effort for maximum results and could be used against any style or system I might face.  A system that taught how to stop other martial art attacks on your system and how to not only defend against them but how to counter-attack them.

Grandmaster Swift teaching young Sifu Justin Och

Grandmaster Swift teaching young Sifu Justin Och

After looking into several Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu  schools I found Grandmaster Steve Lee Swift one of the Best in the U.S., an extremely fast and effective Wing Chun fighter.  Upon the first day of enrollment Justin Och  made a vow to achieve the highest levels of Wing Chun possible, open a Wing Chun Kung Fu School, continue his training while uplifting the advanced protection of others within the art and try his best to bring honor to the art of Wing Chun. To this day SiFu Justin Och has kept his word accomplishing each of these goals and continueing to learn and grow himself and all those that want advanced protection.  In 2009, under this great Grandmaster Sifu Justin Och attained the final level under this Great Grandmaster of Black and Gold Sash in Wing Chun Kung Fu.  Though as fate would have it, after many years contact has been lost with Grandmaster Swift but I will always remember my training fondly, with honor and admiration for this Legend of an Instructor and Grandmaster.  With much admiration for his teacher Grandmaster Steve Lee Swift, Sifu Justin Och has continued training all over the World.

Sifu Justin Och has trained in the Wing Chun system continues to develop the Lakeland Florida Wing Chun Kung Fu Centre for the development of its students and practitioners.  Sifu Justin Och’s Wing Chun Kung Fu Lakeland Fl provides, From local students that come from lakeland to studnets that travel from Orlando, Plant City, Winter Haven, Brandon, Riverview, Tampa and even as far as Bradenton Sarasota.  Sifu Justin Och continues to work on the educational development of the Wing Chun curriculum as he believes that finding the best way to fight with Wing Chun also has to accompany the best ways to teach it.

Today -

Sifu Justin Och has traveled and trained all over the USA, Germany, France, England, Demark and Switzerland.  Making Wing Chun friends with welcoming Master practitioners and Grandmasters all over the World.  Training practitioners and new studnets from all over the state in the complete system and lineage of Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu in Lakeland, Florida.  I am always seeking out the knowledge & friendships of other practitioners in and out of the Wing Chun system.

LAKELAND FLORIDA, USA – Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy training 7 days a week, morning, afternoon, nights and weekends.  Training people with fast results in real street self defense.  Sifu Justin Och provides beginner to intense weight loss bootcamps, training in Wing Chun Kung Fu, no-gi Ju-Jitsu, knife, gun and stick training provided by Wing Chun fighting applications. Supports the lakeland community, charities and applies the Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu System by teaching public seminars, women’s self defense and protection classes, has helped battered women and kids, taught kids anti-bulling, summer camp programs, lakeland afterschool kids self defense, family self defense, and improved survival of students caught in a brawl, home invasion or a wing chun street fight.  Training students and practitioners in Wing Chun Kung Fu street survival, no-gi jiujitsu, stand up, knife, gun, stick and multiple attackers

Seeking the fighting applications and techniques to teach those students dedicated to the Wing Chun system at his school.  Sifu Justin Och teaches this information openly to those dedicated students in Lakeland Florida and doesn’t charge for this information but wants them to grow from it. 

Looking for a veteran school of instructors that are dedicated to Wing Chun Kung Fu, then you have found it!  For the development, self defense and protection of those who want realistic self defense in Florida.  The only thing you need to bring is dedication, hard work and a no quit attitude.

Training, making friends with Grandmasters and Masters from every lineage line of the Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu system.  For years Justin Och has provided charity self defense for kids, women in need, batterment groups, health and wellness centers and much more.  Providing Wing Chun Kung Fu training to those in and out of the community, afterschool programs for kids, adult self defense and full application training of the entire Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu system.

Sifu Och’s Wing Chun Kung Fu Centre develops its students and practitioners to best ability they wish to strive for.  Sifu Justin Och’s Wing Chun Kung Fu Lakeland Fl academy, from local students that come from lakeland, Orlando, Plant City, Winter Haven, Brandon, Riverview and even as far as Bradenton Sarasota.  Sifu Justin Och has a solid Wing Chun curriculum that will take you all the way through Wing Chun.


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