Eric Ebuen – Wing Chun Coach Level

Eric Ebuen

Dr Eric Ebuen is a student of Sifu Justin Och at the Downtown Lakeland Martial Arts in Lakeland, FL. In less than 3 years, he has been able to reach level of a Purple Sash. HIs hard work, passion, and basic knowledge is recognized by Sifu Och and all of the other students. As a Future Disciple of Sifu Och, Dr. Ebuen is core student that can be seen training many nights a week. “I love art of Wing Chun and the science behind the art. I was even more impressed by the devastation of it’s most basic techiniques. I was hooked from the first class I attended!”

This martial art has been like learning a foreign language. Dr. Ebuen’s previous experience in any martial art was his early years as a high school varsity wrestler. He has always been involved in some sort of physical activity. He currently spends his time doing CrossFit, running and stand up paddle boarding. Dr. Ebuen also travels to Tampa, FL to train bi-weekly with personal coaches who individually train NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneer players, UFC athletes, WWE sports entertainers, and IFBB bodybuilding competitors. “I’ve invested a lot of time, sweat, and resources at the gym. The conditioning and training with Sifu Och is just as challenging and ever more at times.” Through training with Sifu Och, Dr. Ebuen has been in the best shape of his life. “I’m always doing something to be active and healthy. However, the 25 pounds of extra weight did not come off until I trained in Wing Chun.”

For Dr. Ebuen, training and learning about Wing Chun has not been easy. “I’ve seen the same difficulty with other students. There have other students that are higher levels in different martial arts, like Northern style kung fu, tae kwon do, and karate that have a hard time with elemental concepts and techniques.” Seeing the same challenges he has gone through in other students has given him a higher appreciation for Wing Chun. “This is why I keep coming back. I have much to practice to keep improving. The concepts are sound and logical. However, actually applying the techniques is not simple. Sifu Och has an analytical eye and catches every detail. Every little change in the techniques make a dramatic difference.”

Dr. Ebuen plans to continue learning Wing Chun through Sifu Och for many years. The effectiveness of the techniques and efficiency of the movements are some of the reasons he trains in this art. He also is attracted to directness and simplicity of the applications.

“Sifu Och as a teacher and a man is the best anyone can ask for.”

I am fortunate to have met him. He motivates you to do your best. He is sincere about your development and learning.”

Dr. Eric Ebuen
Wing Chun Kung Fu Coach