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lakeland weightloss, lakeland weight loss, boot camps, bootcamps, lakeland, fl, florida, Join one of the most fun and energetic Lakeland fitness boot camps! What started as a strength and cardio “warm-up” routine to our Wing Chun Kung Fu classes quickly grew into its own fitness boot camps class. With women in the majority of this class, these classes emphasize physical fitness, willpower, balance, and results. And, boy, do you get results!


lakeland weightloss, lakeland bootcamps, lakeland boot camps, lakeland weight loss, lakeland fitness, fitness classes, lakeland, florida, fl, It doesn’t matter what the reason for wanting to get in shape or lose weight, our program has some very distinct advantages that will deliver results. With regular attendance at one of our Lakeland boot camps.  Our Lakeland fitness boot camps cover aspects of power training, cardio plans, and—of course—martial arts. Our air conditioned facility is located in downtown Lakeland, Florida and offers a great place to work out and stay in shape.


fitness boot camps workoutOur fitness boot camps utilize basic Kung Fu and kickboxing skills to help you exercise and burn fat in classes up to 4 times each week. Our classes last anywhere from 40 to 60 minutes. Our Lakeland fitness boot camps also give you everything you need to achieve your goals—whether that’s to lose weight, build muscle, increase your stamina, or just enjoy a fun group that loves to work out! You can find other weight loss programs in Lakeland, but you won’t find any other program that offers such an effective mix of fun, effectiveness, and…results. We have a full equipped studio with accessories and physical fitness tools to make your workout fun and energetic..

Group Fitness Working Together

lakeland fitness classes, fitness classes lakeland, lakeland, fitness classes, weightloss classes, endurance, tone up, toning classes, strength training, lakeland, florida, flWorking out on your own is hard, so whether or not you have a partner, our classes will surround you with like-minded individuals who will help you achieve your fitness goals. You can exercise in a large facility or gym or even hire your own personal trainer—but working together in a team training environment with our trained professional instructors ensures that you’re optimizing each movement. When we teach you some physical activity or even kickboxing techniques, we follow up with help in making sure you’re getting the full benefit from the movement so that you don’t waste energy that’s not working for you. If your looking for a fitness group in lakeland that has unique fitness classes that will be fun, uplifting and help you truly lose that fat, then you have found the right place.

A Final Word

We have been told by our clients that “Our Lakeland fitness bootcamps are second to none”.  Our combination of physical fitness, body weight training, timing, variety and instructors excited about everyone’s personal fitness goals being met sets us apart.  Our boot camp styles are extremely fun—and extremely effective. Stop by and gives us a chance to show you a new way to train as a team to achieve your results.

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