Wing Chun King Fu Classes

Wing Chun chi-sau trainingOur adult self defense classes in Lakeland center around the Wing Chun style. Our classes are energetic, fast-paced, and extremely effective. Whether you have a huge background in the martial arts or no background at all, we will take you to the next level of training. Sifu Och Wing Chun teaches reality-based Kung Fu martial arts classes that focus on adult scenarios and confrontations. These classes are ideal for individuals that want reality-based training and fitness for their entire family. If you want a complete system that is based on keeping you and your loved ones safe in some of the most dangerous situations possible—that is what we empower people with every day. We don’t worry about “point sparring” or “who has the highest color belt”. We specialize in modern hand to hand tactics to prepare you to defend yourself when needed. Our style of Wing Chun Kung Fu is very quick to learn, and you’ll make progress in no time! The more time and effort you put into your training and Wing Chun classes, the better you’ll get—and every class will make you better than the last. The only difference between you and a black sash is time. | Get more information on our Wing Chun Kung Fu Classes

Self Defense Classes

Self defense training Wing Chun outsideProtecting yourself and your loved ones is important. At Sifu Och Wing Chun we teach self defense classes in Lakeland that emphasize no-nonsense solutions and techniques to stop confrontations quickly. While our hope is that you never have to use our techniques in an actual encounter, we teach in such a way as to ensure you’ve got the training, practice, and reflexes for that training to translate into a real-world response. We accomplish this through energetic, physical training that uses the styles of Wing Chun Kung Fu and even elements from kickboxing and jiujitsu to arrive at a practical system for self defense. | Get more information on our Self Defense Classes

Advanced Wing Chun Classes

lakeland fl advanced martial arts classes sparringAdvanced Wing Chun classes and training is available to allow you to be able to use your Wing Chun Kung Fu in realistic situations under duress, anxiety, and pressure. Our advanced Wing Chun classes provide the time, training, and proficiency of knowing you can effectively use and apply the techniques that you have been taught while adapting to each situation that presents itself. We also provide offensive and defensive weapon classes in blades/knives, escrima/kali sticks, sword (Wing Chun eight slashing fighting forms) and dragon pole (Wing Chun Long Pole fighting) as well as sensitivity and reflex reaction training in double sticking Chi Sau. Advanced Wing Chun classes in reactionary sparring and fighting applications, combinations, and training are available to all Wing Chun students who have completed our basic Wing Chun classes. | Get more information on Advanced Wing Chun Classes

Kickboxing Classes and Fitness Boot Camps

adult kickboxing classesJoin one of the very best, most fun, and well-attended Lakeland kickboxing classes! What started as a basic “warm-up” routine to our Wing Chun Kung Fu classes quickly grew into its own kickboxing class. These classes emphasize physical fitness, willpower, steadiness, and results. And, boy, do you get results! If you’re looking for a kickboxing program in Lakeland, FL, you owe it to yourself to come down (or give us a call) and try out a class! We’re sure you have your own reasons for wanting to use kickboxing as a workout program, but at Sifu Och Wing Chun you will experience distinct advantages and results with regular attendance in one of our Lakeland kickboxing classes and programs. | Get more information on Kickboxing Classes | Fitness Boot Camps

Private Wing Chun Classes

private chi-sau sticking hands trainingIf you’re looking for private Wing Chun classes in Lakeland, or you simply want a more personalized approach to your training, Sifu Och Wing Chun has what you need. You can train under Sifu Och himself and learn anything from intermediate Wing Chun to advanced techniques using weapons. Sifu Och can personally guide you and train you each step of the way, crafting a training schedule and style that maximizes your ability to learn and progress quickly. When you take private classes in our Lakeland studio, you are trained independently by Sifu Justin Och himself. Private classes deliver precise feedback and instruction so that the techniques you’re learning and practicing are performed correctly. Since every private Wing Chun class is instructed by Sifu Och personally, you’re being trained in the best way possible for your particular learning style and needs. | Get more information on Private Wing Chun Classes