Wing Chun Theory

Wing Chun Kung Fu Training for Quick Reactions

By Justin Och / July 6, 2013

Wing Chun doesn’t emphasize elegance, points, or have a sports-oriented mentality. Its only interest is simplicity and using the most highly effective and proficient techniques. Your understanding and ability are based off of your teacher’s ability and your willingness to learn and practice. If they have it, and can teach it, you’ll be able to learn…if […]

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Pressure Points in Martial Arts Self Defense

By Justin Och / June 24, 2013

Some forms and styles of kung fu fighting, including Wing Chun, include the study and use of pressure points. When applied properly, pressure to particular areas of the body produces excruciating pain. This weakness or susceptibility in the human body can help you achieve victory over an assailant or attacker. Pressure Points Defined: A pressure point is literally […]

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Wing Chun Stances and Rooting as Foundation

By Justin Och / June 4, 2013

More than bent knees and wide stances, Wing Chun stances and rooting provide the basis for the strength and force of each offensive and defensive move. Take, for instance, a “duck stance”—most people walk and stand with the toes pointing out from the heels and centerline. When this happens, your center of gravity changes from […]

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Anger and Wing Chun Don't Mix

By Justin Och / May 18, 2013

A angry mind full of stress, anxiety, and frustration will cloud the judgment of a Wing Chun Kung Fu practitioner—or any martial artist. Saying this and training for a clear mind are two different things, of course. You must make it a practice, so the body can relax and calm its breathing, heart, and mind […]

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Universal Wing Chun Applications

By Justin Och / May 12, 2013

Wing Chun asks a lot of questions. For example, even if you’re strong now, what happens when you’re attacked and are sick, weakened, have aged, or have incurred an injury? Can you still kick the same, use the same technique, punch the same? Can you struggle for as long, throw the same punches, or use what you […]

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